A Rigorous and Well-Paced Online GMAT Prep Program by Experts’ Global

posted by Chris Valentine

A good GMAT preparation program is integral to ensuring that desired good GMAT score. For every MBA aspirant, GMAT is a serious commitment of time and money as a good GMAT score is essential to get into the desired MBA program. While there are several coaching centers, a good GMAT coaching program will be one that will cover all aspects of GMAT, will be closely identical to the GMAT question pattern, type, scoring, and difficulty level, besides including interesting features that make learning fun and convenient. Experts’ Global, an Edtech firm, launched its GMAT online prep program in 2018.

This online prep program is not only comprehensive in the abundance of practice questions that it includes and the similarity with GMAT it has been able to achieve but also in the inclusion of precise technical tools and special features. Undoubtedly, 1000s of students have taken this program and affirmed remarkable improvement in their performances. Without a good GMAT score, it can be very difficult to secure and admit to the business school of one’s choice.

Let us understand what makes Experts’ Global’s GMAT prep online program the best GMAT prep program..


Similarity to the GMAT

The Experts’ Global GMAT Online Program is similar to the GMAT. Each of its 4000 practice questions and mock tests mimics the GMAT in concepts tested, difficulty level of questions, etc. Besides, Experts’ Global test developers have been able to capture the GMAT scoring pattern in their tests; this is a particularly interesting aspect as GMAT scoring pattern is not public knowledge and no other GMAT practice tests have been able to achieve this accuracy. The students who have taken the Experts’ Global GMAT mock tests have confirmed a similarity between their mock scores and GMAT scores.

1. Number and Quality of Mock Tests

The 15, full-length GMAT mock tests that are included in the Experts’ Global GMAT online prep program form one of the rich resources of practice questions as no other GMAT test package offers so many mock tests. This ensures that you have the scope to practice properly and build a strong endurance and test-taking strategy. Importantly, as these tests are incredibly similar to the GMAT in question type, complexity, and scoring, you can obtain an accurate assessment of your readiness for taking the GMAT. You can also take a free GMAT mock.

2. Weakness Diagnosis

The employment of an AI-enabled performance analysis system is a distinctive aspect of the Experts’ Global GMAT online prep package. It enhances the usefulness of these preparatory questions and mock tests by helping the student understand his/her specific weakness. This software breaks down the performance in each test to suggest in which aspect you performed best and worst and the amount of time you spent one each question. It can also analyze previous performances to provide a broad understanding of your learning needs.

3. Video Instruction

If you happen to be unable to solve a question or take too much time in solving a question, you can refer to the video instruction that accompanies each of the questions on the Experts’ Global online GMAT prep program. This program is highly efficient in that it uses extensive video essays to empower the student with self-learning resources. These video instructions, thus, explain the question and also suggest efficient approaches to solving the problem. You can even refer to the text explanations if you do not want to watch the videos.

4. Convenience

That this prep series is an online program has made it convenient for the GMAT aspirants, who are largely full-time working professionals. The online program makes it easier for them to study at their own pace and schedule, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the energy and time invested in learning. In contrary to the live programs, this comprehensive online program removes the hassles of commuting and the pressure of keeping to a common schedule, specified by the instructors. This program allows you to tailor the learning schedule to your time and requirement.

5. Special Features

Another distinctive aspect of the Experts’ Global Online GMAT Training Module is the inclusion of several innovative features designed to facilitate learning. For example, the Flag feature lets you mark a particular question that you might want to revise later. Thus, while you work out the 4000+ questions in the package, you can flag particular questions that you found interesting or challenging. This way you can create a file of questions to be revised as and when required. The Sticky, a small pop-up screen that can be attached to your front page, allows you to take notes while you solve questions or watch instructional videos. These little but minute details highlight the dedication that the test-developers at the firm put in to their purpose of ensuring that the student has the best learning experience with Experts’ Global.

Thus, if you are looking for a rigorous but well-paced, efficient, structured, comprehensive, and high-quality GMAT study resource, you must try Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program.

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