6 Ways a Hiring Criminal Defense Attorney Can Benefit You

posted by Chris Valentine

If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s true that you have the right to represent yourself. But that’s not always the wisest choice. Unless you have a legal background in criminal defense, you can benefit by availing yourself of the services of an expert. Not only can an experienced criminal defense attorney advise you on your case, he can also help keep you out of jail. According to David Hunter, a criminal defense attorney in Sugar Land, “During your search for an attorney, know that experience matters.”

Here are some ways hiring a criminal defense attorney can benefit you.

1.Evidence Shown by the Prosecution Can Be Expertly Examined

The prosecution may show evidence that people who have not been educated and trained in law would not be able to argue against. Not to mention, the average person might not even have access to the record or information they need to prove the prosecution wrong. Whether you were arrested for a drunk driving accident or for stealing from your employer, having a criminal defense attorney not only brings key knowledge to your case, it also opens doors.

2. Knowing How to Fill Out the Correct Paperwork and File Documents

If you have the idea that there is this nice person at the courthouse who explains the whole paperwork process, gets you all your forms and documents, explains how to fill them out and where to sign, and then double checks them while patting your shoulder and smiling approvingly —this does not happen at all. The only way to make sure your filled-out paperwork is thorough and correct is with the aid of a criminal defense lawyer.

3. Everyone Knows Everyone in the Legal Community

Whether it be personally or by reputation, often everyone in the legal community knows each other. Knowing everyone removes the element of surprise, which can actually be helpful for a case. For example, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to walk into a courtroom and already know what type of argument the prosecution will present because he or she always presents that way. And the criminal defense lawyer will also know what the judge what will likely let slide and what he or she is extremely firm on because of his or her 20-year reputation. With an experienced criminal defense attorney, you will be able to prepare your case with more confidence and not be so worried about surprises. Someone who is not familiar with the legal community would not have this advantage. 

4. Access to Expert Witnesses

All cases are different, however, there may come a point in your case where it would benefit you to have an expert witness to testify on your behalf. A seasoned criminal attorney should know the proper channels in order to contact the type of expert you need. He should also know what he needs to do in order to ensure the expert testifies for you. This is not something a non-criminal attorney could do. Not to mention, such a witness may very well mean a huge difference in the verdict.

5. A Criminal Lawyer Can Help Clean Your Record

The consequences of having a criminal record are high if you try to defend yourself. Being convicted of a crime can make it extremely challenging to get hired or get housing. Plus, it is socially and emotionally embarrassing. If you have been charged with something, consider the fact that in some cases hiring an attorney could result in a clean record and freedom of a conviction. Or if you already have a record, consider that with the help of a criminal attorney you could have your record expunged. 

6. The Stakes Are High

If you do end up choosing a criminal defense lawyer to be your council in court, you are getting more than someone to stand up and present your case. You are getting decades of legal knowledge, know-how, training, experience and practice. This branch of the government is full of intricacies, fine details, and incredibly complex nuances that can influence the outcome of your trial. Don’t you want someone that is on your side and knows the law when you are going through something so life-changing?

Finding yourself in a situation in which you are facing a charge or charges is a scary and disorienting situation. However, it would be a shame if in your fog of confusion and disbelief you chose not to hire a criminal lawyer. Hiring a competent and experienced criminal lawyer is often your best shot at clearing your name. 

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