Your Parking Lot Pavement Matters a Lot

posted by Chris Valentine

Property owners can often forget to pay as much attention to their parking pavement as they do to the interior of their property even though the first thing your guests will see is your pavement. If you own an office with a parking lot, or rent out a residence, it becomes even more crucial that your business clients, customers, or tenants and many other people that you deal with daily, drive into a well-kept, sturdy and impressive parking area.

There are several reasons why your lot needs to be maintained, so let’s dive into some those reasons right now.

First impressions:

A messy, disheveled parking lot can scare away potential tenants if you’re looking to rent, or scare off clients and professionals that you deal with in your business. You want to make a good first impression. In most cases you will not get a second chance to do that if people are turned off by your parking lot. A neat parking lot represents a part of you and how you’re keen to care about things.


Parking lots must be kept clean to improve the overall sanitation of the area, because unclean ones create a host of problems such as littering which brings in insects or rodents. Insects can thrive in unclean environments, and you certainly don’t want your lot to be a hub for pests and all types of insects. It wouldn’t be surprising to find others throwing their trash into your parking lot if the lot is that badly kept.

Protects you from lawsuits:

You can be held liable for an unkept parking pavement because keeping it in a poor state can lead to accidents. When you don’t repair broken cracks or potholes, this can lead to a vehicle getting damaged. Other problems could be oil spots from vehicles or trucks that are parked for a long duration. When these oil spills are not removed, they can cause other cars to skid causing accidents. In general, traffic is directed properly through a maintained parking pavement. Derek Smith from says that a professional parking lot striping job is key in directing traffic in a clear way and ensuring the safety of your visitors.

Prevents Erosions:

With cracks and breaks on pavements, erosions begin to form. This creates a breeding ground for weeds. As the weeds grow more, so does the expansion of cracks as the asphalt heaves more and more. Eventually, you will have to fix these erosions, but the longer you stall on that, the more money it will cost you. So it’s important to keep care of your pavements with regular maintenance.

Accumulated trash, dirt, gravel, and debris all pose a hazard to motorists and pedestrians alike, not to mention the extremely unappealing look they portray in a parking lot. Rough winter weather and snow can take a toll on your lot and you don’t know what’s underneath. So spring is a good time to start your needed repairs or build a new pavement should that be the case. Always maintain a clean pavement for your guests, tenants, your business and for yourself.

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