What Is Stopping Your Business From Using PRINCE2?

posted by Chris Valentine

There are many different ways of running projects at work. However, if you choose the wrong approach then this will make it a lot more difficult for you to achieve the results that you have in mind. So, what is it that is stopping you from choosing the best methodology?

PRINCE2 is a hugely popular project methodology that is trusted by companies all over the world in order to make life easier. If you want to give it a try then a good start is to think about what has been holding you back so far.

Not Enough Information

Perhaps the biggest reason that companies don’t use the right methodology for their needs is a simple lack of information. In a lot of cases, they might not even realise that there are a number of different approaches that they could try.

Therefore, it makes sense to find out how you could run your projects from now on. Each methodology works best on a certain type of project, depending upon the ways that it causes you to approach each task.

PRINCE2 is generally seeing as being a classic, all-purpose approach to project management. It involves a lot of careful planning and can be used to take on just about any type of project.

A Lack of Skills

The next big issue is that you need the right skills in your team if you want to carry out this, or any other, project methodology. If you have a new or relatively inexperienced team then you might worry that you can’t use a method like this.

Yet, the good news is that a lack of project skills is something that can be remedied fairly easily. By sending your team members on the relevant PRINCE2 Training Glasgow courses you can quickly bring them up to speed.

This is also a great way of getting them to develop their careers. Due to the global demand for PRINCE2-trained workers, they can look forward to more rewarding careers once they fully understand this methodology.     

The Wrong Projects

Maybe you believe that you haven’t got the right sort of project to use the PRINCE2 method on it. Certainly, each type of project will typically have a methodology that works best with it.

Having said that, PRINCE2 can be used with a wide variety of pieces of work. You might find that all of your projects can be done in this way if you give it a try. That would make life a lot easier for everyone, of course.

There are some pieces of work that are better done in other ways. These include projects that are very loosely defined and those that the business areas want to get really deeply involved with. Yet, in most cases PRINCE2 is a good option.

Not Enough Confidence

Lastly, could it be that you lack the confidence that is needed to give this project methodology a try? It can be easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed by big, complex projects. Perhaps you feel that trying out a new approach would only serve to make it even more complicated.

However, the fact is that using PRINCE2 can help you to make any piece of work easier and more manageable. This approach shows you how to plan well and then make sure that the project remains firmly on track every step of the way.

By giving PRINCE2 a try you will be opening up exciting new possibilities for the company and for its project staff. If there is something stopping you from doing this then take just a few moments to consider whether it should really be holding you back or not.


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