Tips for Getting Your PRINCE2 Team Fully Involved

posted by Chris Valentine

Running any sort of project is a whole lot easier when you have a team that you trust behind you. Thankfully, the PRINCE2 methodology is ideal for getting your team members involved and working through the whole thing together.

Regardless of the experience of the individual team members, you can bring them together and get the top class results that you crave. So, how can you set about doing this in a way that gives you a better chance of long-term success?

Explain the Project and What Is Expected of Them

Far too often, a common mistake of project leaders is to expect their team to just get on with it, rather than taking the time to explain everything to them in detail. This might seem like the quickest, simplest solution but it can backfire badly.

A far better approach is to explain to them exactly what it is all about. They might already have a high-level understanding of the piece of work but do they know how it all comes together and what the eventual real-life benefits should be?

Ensure That Their Training Is Up to Date

You can’t expect anyone to do a good job on something that they aren’t familiar with, can you? Yet, it is common for business analysts to get thrown in at the deep end on projects, especially when there are tight timescales to stick to and no time to lose.

However, it is a far better idea in the long run to get everyone’s training up to date first of all. Does anyone in the team need to get PRINCE2 Glasgow, or are there other skills that they need to learn in order to fully contribute?

The more training a team member gets, the more that they should be able to play a major role in your projects. This obviously applies to all of your future projects as well as the current piece of work.  

Give Them Added Responsibilities

Not everyone reacts well to being given added responsibilities in the office. Some people just want an easy life with no hassle. However, giving your team members bigger and more important roles will generally produce positive results.

A nice way of rewarding someone for working hard is by creating a sub-project that they can handle on their own. Alternatively, you could just divide out tasks such as taking minutes at the meetings and sending out the weekly reports.

In this way, you should soon work out who is happy taking on extra tasks and who wants to just stick to the basics. This will let you see who the highly ambitious team members are and who isn’t too bothered about progressing and getting promoted just now.

Be There to Offer Help and Support

Running a project is the kind of job that needs you to keep an eye on so many things at once. While you might be fully occupied looking after the PRINCE2 plan and keeping your stakeholders happy, you also need to be there to offer help and support to your team.

No matter how skilled they are and how keen they are to get involved, there will be instances when they need someone to guide them. If you leave them to their own devices for too long then you run the risk that they either go off track or else become demotivated.

Of course, helping a new team to develop and grow is one of the most satisfying things that you can do at work. By making a genuine effort to be there to help them you can develop your own career as well as theirs.


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