Handle Urgent PRINCE2 Projects in the Best Way

posted by Chris Valentine

There can be few things in business that cause panic and excitement like a massively urgent project does. This represents a huge challenge for the project team, which is daunting and enticing in almost equal measures.

In this situation, sticking closely to the PRINCE2 method for running projects can be vital. No matter how urgent the project is, this approach will help you to keep it under control and avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

Understand the Timescale and Scope

The first mistake that people tend to make in this situation is to rush into the work. When the clock is ticking on your project, it can be very tempting to panic and just start working on it without having a clear vision of the road ahead.

PRINCE2 helps in this respect, as it places a lot of emphasis on the work you carry out at the beginning in order to better understand what is then needed. All of this preparatory work will make life so much easier for you when you get started in earnest.

Once you fully understand the timescales involved and the scope of the task, you can then create a plan that guides you through to the conclusion of the work as smoothly as possible. You won’t be shooting in the dark when you have a plan that you can trust.

Ramp Up the Size of the Team If Necessary

Is it possible that you could take on this project if you had some extra help on board? If it is going to put a huge strain on your resources then one of the first things to consider is how you can bring in the extra bodies needed to get the work done.

One of the great things about PRINCE2 is that there are plenty of project workers who already have the certification that shows their expertise in this field. If you want to bring in ready-made experts then looking for qualified staff is a smart move.

Another possibility is that it suits you to fill the team internally. You may put all of your existing projects resources into this piece of work or else decide to sort out PRINCE2 Courses Cardiff for business area staff who could lend a helping hand.

Know When to Say No

It may be that this project is essential for the well-being of the company. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you have to automatically agree to do it on the terms that are given to you.

If you feel that it is going to be impossible to deliver what is being asked of you then agreeing to it would be madness. You would be far better saying no and then giving a list of the reasons why you can’t do it.

Ideally, you will also offer solutions. You may feel that you can agree to do the work with more time, a bigger budget or a reduced scope.

Produce a Realistic Plan Everyone Agrees To

Once you have worked through the previous points, it is time to come up with a feasible plan that everyone involved can agree to. This is one of the strong points of the PRINCE2 methodology.

This plan will let everyone else see what you are going to deliver and when you are going to deliver it by. If there are still any doubts about the piece of work then the plan is likely to be what flushed them out.

Carrying out an urgent project like this isn’t something to be feared. However, if you are going to take it on then you will need to be sure that you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for.


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