Things to Keep in Mind When Having a Logo Made

posted by Chris Valentine


Do have a new start-up that is in need of a custom made logo or maybe your existing logo is outdated and dragging your organization down? Well maybe it is time to get a new logo designed! Here are some things to keep in mind when having a logo made.

Keep it Professional
Just because your nephew told you he could design your logo doesn’t mean he should. A logo is a reflection of your business, your livelihood and should be left up to the professionals. When picking a company to design your logo be sure they have a track record of success, browse their portfolio to ensure they are up to the task. You wouldn’t hire an amateur to fix your plumbing or do your business taxes, so why trust just anyone with your logo!

Logical But Not Literal
Your company’s logo should reflect your brand’s identity, products, and mission. But a reflection should not always be literal, for example look at some of the most iconic logos in the market. The Walt Disney logo does not include a cartoon but its font reflects the whimsical nature of the company. The Nike Swoosh doesn’t incorporate a shoe into the design but it does reflect the company’s identity as being forward moving and fast. So remember don’t try to make your logo too literal, allow the designer to create a symbol for your brand that is attractive, relevant, and memorable.

Imagine the Logo on Multiple Mediums
One important thing to keep in mind when having a logo made is what the logo will look like on different mediums. For example will the logo look just as good when shrunk down to fit on a polo shirt as it does on a billboard? Are the colors neutral enough to work when surrounded by different backgrounds? Do you need multiple versions of the logo; will it work as black and white? These are all important considerations when having a logo made and should be addressed with your creative team and designers.

Get the Files
When you purchase a logo be sure you receive the native files, probably in vector format. Vector art (such as .ai or some .pdf files) can be scaled infinitely big or microscopically small. This means your logo will be future proof. The original art files will allow you to use your logo for any type of print or digital work in the future. Nothing would be worse than having to recreate a logo years from now because you just found out that you don’t have the correct files!

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when having a logo made but our list is a great place to start. So remember to use a design firm with a solid history, that your logo is not always a literal translation of your company, your logo needs to look good in different places, and be sure to get the original files.  Have fun getting a new logo

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