How to Choose the Right Trade Show Booth Designer for Your Business

posted by Chris Valentine

Trade shows offer one-on-one customer interfacing and are a great way to raise brand recognition. Choosing the right exhibit design company for your business is essential for success. Look for a firm committed to quality with a long client satisfaction history.


Your chosen company should have much experience with putting together trade show booths. They should be able to handle both the manufacturing and logistics aspects of bringing an exhibit to life.

They should also help you determine the purpose of your trade show presence. Whether you want to meet new prospects, demo your products or something else entirely, this will influence the design elements you choose and the messages you highlight in your booth.

For instance, avoid using too many images and graphics, which can overwhelm attendees. You also want to leave enough open space in your booth so that people can move through without feeling confined. Leaving room for conversations between visitors is also important. The right designers will consider this to make your booth look professional and inviting.


The portfolio of the trade show booth designer you choose should showcase various services. This includes a variety of options for lighting, custom design and even augmented reality or virtual reality. It should also have previous client work.

To make your brand stand out, select a trade show booth design that sets you apart from the competition and highlights your superiority. Feel free to incorporate innovative features that captivate event attendees, creating a buzz that will leave a lasting impact on potential customers. Fortunately, you can browse to learn more about how a well-presentable trade show booth can greatly impact your business. Remember that it’s important to think about every level of the exhibit space. Long-range graphics can be effective, but they may feel aggressive if they’re too high for the venue or the audience. Avoid enclosing your booth’s also a good idea, as attendees prefer to avoid feeling trapped. You should also limit the number of messages you display.


The size of the booth and its components can have a significant impact on cost. A larger booth may require more lighting and audiovisual equipment, which can increase the overall price.

The booth designer should be able to provide a detailed breakdown of costs and a timeline for project completion. You must also consider recruitment costs for booth staff and discuss per diems for travel, food, and lodging with your team. Be aware that the location of your exhibit booth can significantly impact traffic and booth ROI. Though a more prominent place may come with a higher cost, it has the potential to yield a greater return on investment for your business. SEO services like can advertise an excellent trade show booth so you can watch for their website. Also, consider the space needed for literature, giveaways and personal property of booth staffers. This includes briefcases, luggage and computers.

Customer Service

Choosing the right trade show booth designer requires a little research and diligence. When selecting a company to handle your event booth design, finding one with a strong track record within your industry is imperative. This illustrates their experience and ability to provide the finest design choices. Moreover, assess if the company offers on-site support during the event. Utilizing this service enables you to efficiently save time and money while guaranteeing that your booth is expertly set up and taken down. Finally, inquire about the company’s graphic design process. A reputable firm will present mock-ups for your approval and may even permit you to make modifications before the final product. This way, you can be confident that your booth will be precisely as you want it on the day of the event.

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