Salon Equipment Shopping Tips

posted by Chris Valentine

You’ve picked an ideal location, handed all the other logistics, and it is almost time to open your salon business doors. However, one thing is still bugging you; what are the best salon equipment, and where can you find them? Salon equipment is perhaps the most crucial consideration; you want the customers and employees to feel comfortable. You also want to enjoy the convenience of serving you for an extended period. Therefore, as you hit the market, it would be best if you chose a salon equipment vendor who’ll be more than a store, a partner in your endeavors to run a smooth and successful business. Such a vendor will advise you on the best equipment, not simply push what they have in store at a premium. They’ll also offer deals, such as financing, to help you acquire the necessary equipment with less stress. As such, whether you are opening a new venture or renovating your current business, the first step to shopping for the best salon equipment is picking a reliable and reputable vendor.  Here is a look at some of the other crucial considerations that can ease your salon equipment shopping quests.

Consider your situation

What’s the size and type of the salon? Do you have much space to accommodate certain equipment styles? What services do you intend to offer; hair, nails, facials, among others? Your space and intended services are the primary guiding factors as you shop for ideal salon equipment. This point directs you back to choosing the right vendor; some salon equipment services provide layout guidance, helping you find the best combination that’ll fit in your space and facilitate smooth services. This ensures that you utilize the space efficiently without affecting service delivery or employees’ comfort while navigating the salon.


What’s the salon equipment made from? Plastic, steel, and aluminum are the most common materials. While choosing an ideal solution, durability shouldn’t be discounted. Different employees utilize salon equipment to serve many customers with different traits. From size, weight, and other concerns, you need equipment to support your operations without having to frequent the stores for new products or repairs. Such concerns can inconvenience your salon with regular downtimes, meaning that you could lose significant business along the way. Choose salon equipment that can serve you for an extended period, allowing you to realize a desirable return on investment.

While considering the materials, keep maintenance ease in mind. Some equipment demands a lot to keep it clean, a concern that can slow down your operations. What’s more, should you need to replace a worn-out part, it might take forever to find it as you endeavor to maintain the equipment in top shape.  From cleaning, repairs, and replacements, it would help ensure that you can easily keep the salon equipment in good condition to facilitate convenient operations.


While shopping for salon equipment, you can easily be lost in a pool of creative designs. Some styles are too appealing, and if you can’t resist the aesthetic appeal, you could purchase equipment that’s not as per your requirements. It doesn’t mean that you can’t find creative styles that match your unique taste and capable of facilitating smooth operations. The trick is to look beyond the face value. The best salon equipment is creatively designed to facilitate smooth operations, from adjustable height and layout, among other considerations.  Ergonomics should be prioritized over aesthetic appeal. The good news is that with the right vendor, you can find designs that fit well within your space, needs and are aesthetically pleasing to match your exquisite taste in style.

The assembly process

Does the salon equipment come pre-assembled or require some work to put it together? Smaller items can easily be shipped pre-assembled. Shipping large items pre-assembled is less likely, a concern that might seem insignificant until you spend hours, if not the whole day, trying to figure out what goes where. The assembly process can derail your endeavors, a point that drags back to the vendor that you choose for the salon equipment. Most modern equipment is designed to facilitate easy assembly. While choosing the vendor, see to it that they provide enough details to help you determine if the assembly process will be stressful. The best vendors can even send a technician to help with the complex equipment’s assembly process, ensuring that you enjoy a seamless experience as you endeavor to supercharge your salon services.


Purchasing salon equipment requires significant investment. As such, you need assurances to give you peace of mind, knowing that should something go wrong, you won’t incur massive losses. A warranty can’t be stressed enough, but don’t jump right in before reading the fine print. What does it include, and how does the vendor handle warranty claims? Thoroughly examine the warranty details to ensure that it covers enough that matches your investment.

Return policy

A company’s return policy can frustrate your salon equipment purchase quests. A significant part of the returns is customer service. Without knowledgeable and responsive customer service, you can hardly understand the returns policy. As you select a vendor, see to it that their customer support team is active. Thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions of the returns to see f they are friendly. Should something go wrong that you aren’t responsible for, such as shipping the wrong item, you need to be assured that the company will handle it swiftly and efficiently to facilitate smooth progress. Apart from handling returns, an active customer support team can help you in more ways. An active customer service team can help you navigate certain concerns and enjoy a smooth purchase and after-sales experience.


The last thing you want is to place an order, only to receive it weeks later. You want shipping guarantees that help you keep your plans on track. While looking for a replacement salon chair, for instance, such a wait could inconvenience your operations, a concern that could see you losing valuable business. Check the shipping detail, and see to it that it won’t cause unnecessary friction, such as making multiple calls to track the order as it seems to take forever to get to your property.


While shopping for salon equipment, it will come down to your budget. How much can you comfortably afford? However, as you consult your budget, don’t make the mistake of choosing the cheapest service available. Cheap service, in most instances, can prove a lot more expensive. This is if you weigh elements including quality, warranty, shipping, and customer support, among other critical considerations. Take your time to weigh the value you realize from your investment, not simply what comes out of your pocket. For example, a service offering quality salon equipment at higher rates and a comprehensive warranty and shipping guarantee is better than a cheaper option providing low rates without such assurances.  

You can’t run a successful salon without the right equipment. The shopping process won’t be that comfortable as you navigate the extensive pool of options. Shopping for the right salon equipment can be overwhelming.  From choosing a reliable and reputable vendor, weighing each item’s pros and cons, considering the shipping, and warranty, among other considerations, the process can be daunting. However, it is worth every second and the energy spent to facilitate profitable operations. With the right tools for the job, you won’t struggle to run a successful business in the competitive market; your customers will feel comfortable, employees will be effective in delivering the services, and you won’t be dealing with significant downtimes.

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