Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Physician Recruiting Company

posted by Chris Valentine

When healthcare systems hire a healthcare marketing agency they grow fast. From this growth they will need to expand their physicians. Physician recruiting can be a daunting task, especially if you have no idea how to go about it. Most healthcare systems choose to seek the services of a physician recruiting firm to help in the process.

That discussed, what do healthcare facilities and systems stand to gain from working with a physician recruiting firm? 

The recruiter can attract the best talent.

When you hire the best professionals in the market, it translates to the success of your health organization. For this reason, there is a need to find the best physician recruiting firm since they will offer you the best talent in the market. The best recruiters can attract the best medical professions.

Recruiters can have access to passive candidates.

Sometimes finding the best candidate for the job can be a daunting endeavor. One of the reasons for this is that candidates may be inactive in applying for physician job posts. They may be overwhelmed to apply for every advertised physician opening, or they might see themselves as not qualified for most advertised jobs. Even if this is so, an active physician recruiting firm will know how to reach such candidates, especially those that qualify for the job. Physician recruiting firms have a better reach through their numerous networks. The firms can leverage the network of all the clients, collaborators, and candidates to connect you to a pool of talent. 

Despite the costs that come with working with a physician recruiting firm, they can come in handy in helping you to streamline your physician recruiting process, since they act as a lifeline in the healthcare industry, where a vacant position may remain open for a long time. Physician recruiting firms will be most of the times finding and reaching out to inactive potential candidates, who in most times are the best option to go for. This means that potential candidates may get considered for open positions without having to go through practices such as direct recruitment initiatives or excessive cold calling. 

Physician recruiting firms know the industry.

Keeping the healthcare facility or organization fully staffed during busy occasions is challenging. Healthcare organizations are seeking the services of physician recruiting firms to address the issue of shortage and grow their organization in terms of manpower. This means they will get to serve more patients with ease, address labor fluctuations that come with some seasons, the closing an opening of acuity, and united needs. Also, they may consult physician recruiting firms to help with fluctuations in business project management, census, software conversions and any other critical challenge.

Physician recruiting firms have the knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry, which assists to effectively find the right fit for the physician job. With an effective recruitment process, you will save on some costs in the long run. Physician recruiting firms can get you the best candidates since they possess an understanding of the healthcare industry and can apply industry-appropriate terminologies in physician job postings that go hand in hand with your organization’s mission, vision, and even culture.

Tailor-made processes

Physician recruiting firms have the know-how to find the best candidate for the job, one who fits your needs as an organization. They help to hastily address issues with staff shortage in your health facility and deal with fluctuating demand. The best recruiters have their ears and eyes on the ground when it gets to hiring trends and are always ahead of their game. It is difficult to conclude that you’ve hired the best physician when you do it on your own since a physician recruiting firm offers comprehensive screenings to ensure they find the best candidate. 

Aside from their rigorous screening, physician recruiting firms ensures that the candidates have the required hard and soft skills that are always a challenge to identify during a first interview or when you are to hire a new physician. 

Recent healthcare rules demand that healthcare organizations deliver excellent healthcare services to patients. It means that having patients put a five star on patient’s survey is essential, otherwise, the opposite may have adverse effects on your healthcare organization.  With the right hired physicians with the required knowledge, attitude, and skills, you get to highly increase your chances of offering excellent service delivering to your patients. When you choose to go down the hiring process yourself, you risk hiring substandard healthcare services, and will tremendously affect your health facility.  

That discussed, how do you choose the best physician recruiting firm?

Understand your staffing needs

The first thing to consider is your organization’s staffing requirements. You need to have to know how many physicians you need and what departments they will work in. Be sure to explain to the recruiting firm the terms of employment, and go deep in defining the level of expertise you are seeking. Go for a physician recruiting firm that understands you and your organization’s vision, mission, and goals.


The recruitment field is an abroad one, and you need to be keen on the reputation of the physician recruiting firm you are gravitating towards. You can consult your trusted family members, relatives, and other professionals in the healthcare industry on their experience with a recruitment firm that has served them in the past. They will give you what was to begin. The internet is also the best place to find out about the reputation of the company. Positive reviews can guide you to the best company, while negative reviews should serve as a red flag.


After you’ve come up with a list of potential physician recruiting firms, focus on their expertise. Ensure to ask how long they have been in the physician recruiting business and their proven track record. It is also worth the while to ask how many similar businesses in your industry have benefited from their services and their recruitment history.


Lastly, your budget is essential in determining the physician recruiting firm you settle for. Every agency has its way of pricing. Some will require that you pay after placement, while others will ask that pay before. Go for the firm that offers you a reasonable billing, one that your healthcare facility will afford.

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