How to Start a Blockchain Business: 5 Steps You Need to Know

posted by Chris Valentine

Blockchain has become a fast and powerful foundation for business. Any industry can put blockchain to use but how do you start off a blockchain business?

Knowing how to start a blockchain business takes some of the same steps as any business would follow. The difference comes in the ease and power of using blockchain to provide a quality service to both yourself and your clients.

Let’s take a closer look at the details and get you moving toward a brighter future for your own blockchain business.

How to Start a Blockchain Business

One of the best ways to utilize large scale blockchain infrastructure is with a business. Founding a business is a big task but also a big opportunity. Your blockchain business will need planning, all the legal details, and a unique and potent brand.

1. Craft a Business Plan

No massive undertaking like starting a business should go without a business plan. You will need to map out the potential costs of your business and the market that you are looking to get into. The costs of a blockchain business will depend on how deep of an investment you are willing to go.

Other items to cover in your business plan should be whether you want to set up a Seas model for your business or rely instead on a one-time project fee. Blockchain handles micropayments with ease, so either option can work.

2. Sort out the Legal Issues

Every business will need establishment as some form of a legal entity. Which classification will be right for your business depends on the scale and scope of your business.

There is a lot of additional details on the legal sides of establishing a business, from finding a registered agent to setting up your tax information.

3. Establish Business Accounting

Any major business will have a wide variety of expenses and incomes. All of that must have quality business accounting in place to track it.

This can include business lines of credit, bank account services, and even finding a form w2 creator to help organize your payroll.

4. Obtain Permits, Licenses, and Insurance

Federal, State, and local governments will have a number of permits and licenses you will need to obtain for your business. For example, a certificate of occupancy allows you to run your business out of an office. Having an office will help improve your organization and logistics.

Always make sure to check with all the relevant government entities for any additional codes or considerations you may need to follow.

5. Create Your Brand and Web Presence

The final step for your blockchain business is to craft your brand and build up your web presence. Both of these will become the very core of how your business interacts with the clientele of your target market and your industry as a whole.

To craft a brand, build off of what ideas and properties can make you unique. Blockchain has become a popular choice for many businesses, so how do you stand out from the crowd?

Your web presence is then an extension of placing your brand in the right markets. Social media accounts and quality landing pages are vital in bringing in new customers.

Starting Off Right with Blockchain

With a better idea of how to start a blockchain business, the road ahead can feel a lot more accessible. The key to your new blockchain business is understanding blockchain itself.

To dive deeper into blockchain and how to use it to benefit you and your business, check out our other articles on the subject!

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