What Affects the Quality of Screen Recording Videos

posted by Chris Valentine

When you record a video using screen recording, you may expect its quality to be identical to what you saw on your screen. That isn’t necessarily going to be the case however.

To be honest there are several factors that can affect the quality of screen recording videos. Some are related to what is on your screen, but not all. That is why it can help to know what factors will affect it – and what you need to do to improve the quality:

  • Video resolution

The resolution of the video affects its definition and will be directly based on the resolution of the frame that you record from your screen. That is why it is always best to record as large a frame as possible, and capture a higher resolution video in the process.

  • Frame rate

The frame rate of the video determines how smooth movement in the shot looks. On some screen recorders you can set the frame rate to use, but others may use a default such as 15 or 30 that you won’t be able to change.

  • Audio

Audio from your speakers is recorded internally so its quality is always good. However audio from external devices such as a microphone is subject to numerous factors that could affect its quality, including the microphone quality, background noise, interference, outdated drivers, and so on.

  • Screen content

Screen recording will record all the content that is on your screen. That includes poor performance indications such as delays and lag that are caused by the increased load on your computer. To minimize the chance of that it is best to close any unneeded apps and background processes before you start recording.

Additionally if you are recording a video or game with a low frame rate, that will be reflected in your video too.

  • Encoding settings

Some of the settings that you use to encode the video when exporting it can affect the video quality. It is best to use the same resolution and frame rate that the video was recorded in, and an appropriate video bitrate based on them and the format to avoid compression artifacts,

The list above covers the main factors that have a part to play in the quality of screen recording videos. Each factor is important, but in some cases certain factors may have a bigger part to play.

For example if you were to use Movavi Screen Recorder to save an online video the quality would be influenced by the quality of the video you’re attempting to save. If it has a lower resolution or frame rate, there won’t be much you can do.

Suffice to say you need to evaluate each video that you’re recording on a case by case basis and determine which factors will affect it the most. If you do that and take the appropriate steps, you should be able to record high quality and impressive videos using screen recording whether its a funny clip or something more serious.


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