What’s the Secret to Making Money With Airbnb?

posted by Chris Valentine

Airbnb is a great way to provide accommodations for travelers while also putting some money in your pocket. Here’s how to start making money with airbnb.

Airbnb is rapidly changing the way people travel. It’s no longer necessary to spend a fortune when booking a room when going out of town.

This is great for both traveler and host. After all, the travel saves money while the host makes money. It’s a Win-Win!

Have you ever considered turning your spare bedrooms into an Airbnb? You definitely should! Making money with Airbnb is easier than you think.

In this article, we take a look at some ways to take advantage of the Airbnb business model so that you can start making money today!

Make Your Place Look Great

If you want your Airbnb to really be successful, make your space look it’s very best. Travels don’t want to feel like they’re staying in your spare bedroom. They simply want to feel like they booked a great room at a fair price.

Consider upgrading the furniture. A new bed and chest-of-drawers. A nice flat screen TV. Provide your guests with space to store their luggage and offer info about your city to help them get around. These small touches make a huge impact and are the best way to guarantee positive customer reviews.

Use High-Quality Photos

Once you’ve got your space looking great, take great photos to post on your Airbnb listing. Use angles that maximize lighting and space. Remember, good pics make all the difference. This is one of the most effective marketing tactics you can use.

Keep Your Prices Competitive

Learning to price your listing can be tricky. After all, you want to maximize profit while not scaring away potential guests. Compare your space with similar listings in your area and around the country to get an idea of what people seem willing to pay for what you’re offering.

Keep Your Airbnb Clean

One of the keys to getting 5-star reviews is to make sure to clean between guests. We recommend hiring cleaning services for Airbnb to insure that your space always looks its best, and to make sure that your guests will be as happy as possible.

Be a Good Communicator

Never underestimate the power of good communication. Potential guests can often have a million questions. Many people will want information about the location of your Airbnb, transportation options, nearby restaurants, and what the weather will be like during the dating they plan to travel.

And once the room is booked, they will want to know about things like keys, access to different areas of the house, and WiFi information.

The key is to be as prompt and helpful with your responses as possible. After all, communication doesn’t cost you a dime, and yet it can make a huge impact on customer satisfaction.

Making Money with Airbnb

Each year more and more people are learning how easy it is to start making money with Airbnb. Perhaps you have a spare bedroom or two, or a part of your house that is never used and would be perfect for hosting guests. Airbnb makes it easy to turn that spare room into cold hard cash!

Click here to learn what to know before renting out a room.

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