How to Write a Winning College Admission Essay

posted by Chris Valentine

Do you really think that to enter a respectable college you need only good grades?! If it is so, then you’ll be astonished to learn that that’s not all. The admission board also demands a college admission essay to see whether the applicant is worth admitting or not. A great number of school leavers turn to cheap essay writing service to get a college admission essay.

Applicants are afraid of possible mistakes they can make while writing an admission essay. They forget that the essay can lack uniqueness because a professional writer of cheap essay writing  service knows nothing about the applicant, his/her personal motivation, goals and real advantages. Here you can get several tricks which will help you write the best college admission essay ever.

The Format of a Proper Admission College Essay

Some universities don’t pay much attention to the structure of the college admission essay but, as a rule, it should consist of three parts:

  • introduction
  • body
  • conclusion

An Introduction Part

An introduction part should, first of all, impress the admission board. It is to include some data about you but not only naked facts. You should captivate their attention with unique interesting information that you should present in an uncommon way using rhetorical questions, citations, factual statement, or unusual analogy. Even if you order your college admission essay at some cheap essay writing company, you’d better correct the introduction part to be sure that it’s really striking. Try to find some connection between you and priorities of the college you are going to enter. Learn as much as possible about the establishment. Let your personal goals meet theirs.


You must devote this part to your biography concentrating mostly on your:

  • achievements
  • abilities
  • goals
  • dreams
  • life experiences
  • beliefs

Remember that they must be connected with entry requirements. It’s not going to be just a biography or some nice story about you. It should be a story of a real challenge. You’d better show that you are not perfect, that you have problems and you are brave and clever enough to cope with them. You should also admit that study at this particular university will make you stronger and better. Due to the study, you’ll be able to change your life for better and even help other people thanks to the skills and knowledge you’ll get at the educational establishment. You should also tell what you can contribute to the development of college image.


Cheap essay writing organizations also call it “summing up”. In this part, you are to prove that you are the applicant the admission board is looking for. Try to reassure yourself first. Then read your college admission essay to your relatives, friends and even teachers. In case you manage to convince all of them, you’ll manage to sound persuasively to the admission board as well.

Tips and Tricks for Performing an Excellent College Admission Essay

Besides a proper format, an applicant is to include some specific information and present it originally.

Here are some recommendations of cheap essay writing companies which can help you write a captivating essay that will guarantee your entrance:

  • choose your personal style and avoid cliché (be logical and original and don’t try to sound like others);
  • grab the reader’s attention with rhetorical questions, touching personal experience, a funny story, or unusual analogy that will lead to the main topic and show your personality to the best advantage;
  • try to follow university’s requirements concerning the format and length of the essay
  • a college admission essay shouldn’t be too long (from 250 to 600 words depending on the college requirements)
  • some institutions request a half a page essay to see whether applicants can reflect positive qualities of their personality in 250-300 words
  • try to prove that you can become really successful after the graduation of the college
  • don’t try to be perfect and ideal – stay yourself, look like a mere human being who can become better due to the newly acquired abilities and knowledge
  • don’t use the words you don’t really understand: you should sound sophisticated but don’t be abstruse
  • try to find some college admission essay of students or previous college graduates (it will be an example of a successfully written essay for you)
  • you can turn to some cheap essay writing organization to get a help in essay writing

A college admission essay is not an easy attempt to describe seventeen years of your life in few words. It’s a real challenge because you must exceed all expectations and make the admission board choose you among other candidates. That’s why you are to become a vendor who tries to sell personal skills and abilities to some particular educational institution. The better the advertisement is the more chances you have. You are to show not only what the university can give to you but also what you can give to that university because its reputation depends on the success of the graduating students.

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