Reasons to Study for a Bachelor of Business Administration

posted by Chris Valentine

What’s the main reason to study for a bachelor of business administration? Every year, hundreds of thousands of college graduates enter the job market with the intention of securing professional positions in business administration.  However, research suggests for those who pursue business positions with a wide-reaching business administration degree are fundamentally more likely to both succeed and earn more than those with more specific or targeted qualifications.

One of the biggest benefits of acquiring a bachelor of business administration is the way in which your studies will provide you with essential knowledge and skills for life that can be useful in any modern industry across the board.  What’s more, a bachelor of business administration can also be extremely useful if you ever plan to get into entrepreneurship and start your own business.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that many of those who successfully study for a business admin BA then make the decision to go on to study for an MBA. And as everyone knows, an MBA can open the most incredible array of doors and opportunities across any number of career settings.

Keeping Your Options Open

It can be advantageous to study for a bachelor of business administration if you are not already 100% certain as to where you see yourself in 5, 10 or even 20 years. The reason being that the skills, knowledge and confidence you pick up while studying business administration are guaranteed to both appeal and apply to a wide variety of companies spanning most modern sectors. Which can not only make the transition from college to career so much simpler, but is also a good way of keeping your options open.

Invaluable Management Skills

Studying for a bachelor of business administration will help prime you for just about any area of business management across the board. Which includes the prospect of going into business for yourself and starting your own company from scratch. A potentially lucrative and exciting opportunity to explore, the essential insights and knowledge you acquire during your studies could make all the difference.

Following up with an MBA

And as already mentioned, successful completion of a bachelor of business administration paves the way for higher-level studies, culminating in your receipt of an MBA. When it comes to solid gold career opportunities in business, an MBA can be the kind of catalyst that takes you so much further than you ever believed possible.

Delivery Modes

What’s great about modern bachelor of business administration programmes is the way in which a variety of delivery modes are available. Colleges like Yorkville University for example provide both online and on-campus BA business administration programmes, in order to cater to the needs of as many prospective students as possible.

These days, studying online doesn’t have to mean in any way compromising on quality. Individualized feedback, group discussions, access to all key materials and so on – all open to those who choose to study, without having to set foot into a traditional classroom.

Which means that regardless of your current schedule and commitments, there really is nothing to stop you studying in your time and at your own pace for the kind of high-quality bachelor of business administration that could change your life, once and for all.

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