5 sure fire ways to get the party started

posted by Chris Valentine

Want to get the party started like these folks? ... photo by CC user Gaugi227 on wikimedia commons

In the immortal words of music artist Pink in the nineties – “I’m coming up, so you better get this party started!” In case you don’t have a spare Pink in your house ready to gee everyone up for your party, it’s wise to have a backup plan for your event. There are few things sadder than a party that never even gets off the ground and dies a sad death before midnight, so follow these tips and ensure that you get the party started for the good of your guests.


Step One – Make sure you pick an awesome theme or object for your party

There’s nothing better than the cohesive feeling that comes from joining into a party that has a rocking theme and feeling part of it all. Whether you’re all dressed up as furry animals or whether you’re all rocking into the 80s with some awesome themed costumes, the sense of belonging that comes from being in a group that’s all doing the same thing melds your party together and allows everyone to have a great time. In addition to this, a theme is a great way to ensure that you know how to decorate your party and how to address your invitations.


Step Two – Pick a day that doesn’t clash with anything else

A key ingredient of having a great party is ensuring that you have plenty of people at your party. This goes without saying. In order to ensure that people show up to your party, you need to make sure that other things don’t clash with your event. Take a look on Facebook and ensure that the date you choose doesn’t clash with your party, and then let people know about your event as soon as possible by sending out a ‘save the date’ for people.


Step Three – Throw a photobooth into the mix

Another great way to get plenty of people to start mixing up at your party is to ensure that you have lots of fun things to do there. A photo booth is the perfect way to get things moving, and there are plenty of options for photo booth hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide – so be sure to consider it as part of your party planning.


Step Four – Ensure the music is awesome

Get your guests popping and locking at your latest event by making sure that your DJ or music is on point. You can pre-program a party playlist or ensure that you have someone who’s managing the music so that you don’t get people swooping in and putting on Bieber when you’re just getting your groove on. There are few things worse than listening to crap music and nothing kills the mood faster than a song interrupted halfway through.


Step Five – Make sure you have plenty of booze and food

Another key part of ensuring your party is the kicking event that you want it to be is to make sure that you have plenty of food and drinks to enjoy. The food is a key part of your party – without food you will find that there will be people who are being affected by the drinks they’re consuming and might have to tap out too soon!

I hope that this short piece on the merits of party planning have proven useful to you, and that you manage to get the party of the year going on! Make sure that you stick to the hard and fast rule of the awesome party hit list and make sure the music, food and booze are on point. Beyond that, it’s better to have a choice group of awesome people than a whole heap of potential trouble makers, so just enjoy your party and have fun.

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