Top 5 reasons why a marquee is the perfect wedding venue

posted by Chris Valentine

Hey there, bride to be (or member of the bridal party, or wedding aficionado). Do you perhaps remember, oh, maybe forty years ago? If you wanted to get married you just booked a church or organised a celebrant and then showed up on the day to say your vows – happily surrounded by your nearest and dearest.


Today it’s a slightly different story – what with the advent of social media and the huge amount of planning and prep that is done by brides and bridal parties everywhere – but there has been a shift towards a more traditional way of celebrating. Something that has been coming into popularity is the marquee as a wedding venue and it’s really no surprise why – they’re a great spot to exchange your vows. We wanted to touch on some of the finer points of holding a wedding in a marquee (and why they’re a perfect venue for your nuptials) in case you’re looking for wedding marquee hire in melbourne.

1. You have carte blanche to do whatever you want with the decor. It’s a blank canvas.

If you’re a fan of the DIY trend (and let’s face it, these days – who isn’t?) a marquee wedding is going to suit you down to the ground. A marquee is a great way to design your own space, and you can take your time sourcing the right kind of decor to suit the natural surrounds and the feel of your big day. You can even involve your friends and family with the planning and preparation, and this will bring you all closer together! Perfect, right?

2. The weather is not really an issue

The weather is both the best and the worst part of your wedding. While marquees are totally water and windproof it’s still an issue with your guests when they have to walk to and from the marquee for amenities. That said, it can add an element of excitement to your big day (and at least you know you’ll have a great space to party the night away) so it’s a big plus in our book.

3. You can get married ANYWHERE

With a marquee, you are not restricted by anything at all – which means that if you want to get married in that big field over there (pending the farmer’s say so) you can, in fact you could even have a golf course wedding venue at should you so wish! With a marquee, you have a space to call your own which is entirely flexible, so be sure to utilise it to your best advantage.

4. It’s so hip right now

A great thing about marquee weddings is that they’re so in right now! It seems like everywhere you look, there’s someone else getting hitched in a big ol’ tent. Well, that’s not a bad thing, we say – so jump on the bandwagon and get involved. You won’t regret it. After all – there’s got to be a reason why the marquee wedding is so popular (hint: it’s because marquee weddings RULE).

5. It’s outdoors

The best thing about marquee weddings is that they’re definitely being held outdoors – and one of the most beautiful things about weddings is when you get those stunning shots of the bride and groom in front of some ancient tree, looking into each other’s eyes with so much love… Oh stop, I’m welling up. Well, with a marquee venue, you know that the reception is just a hop skip and a jump away from everything, and that there are plenty of beautiful and natural photo op spots just outside the marquee doors!

Good luck with planning your wedding – I hope that it goes off with (and without) a hitch!

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