5 Ideas for Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

posted by Chris Valentine

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Diamonds are the most preferred stone when it comes to engagement rings. There are many options of customizations for diamonds; for instance, beautiful custom diamond rings in Plano also offer a wide range to choose from. You can choose the shape of the diamond, the Carat size, the style of the band, and much more. If you have a favorite diamond ring, you can use it to get inspiration for your engagement ring

1. Engraving 

There is nothing more special than customizing the wedding ring or the engagement ring for your loved one. Though the inside of the ring or band has very little space, you can definitely get a message engraved within it, making it even more special. For example, a lot of people get their wedding date or a special wedding vow engraved in their engagement ring. 

2. Colored Gemstones 

In addition to the diamond, you can also add colored gemstones. Several stones hold importance for many people. Adding a little gemstone to your ring adds more personality to the ring and also increases its value. People also like to incorporate their heirlooms in their rings. So if you have a stone that has importance in your family, add that to your ring to add sentimental value. 

3. Unique Shaped Diamonds 

Diamonds come in several shapes and weights. However, many people stick to conventional shapes when it comes to their wedding rings. The round and cushion-shaped diamond rings are perhaps the most common ones, but if you want to go the unconventional way, you can choose a unique shaped diamond for your engagement ring. Of course, these shapes can be pricier than regular diamond shapes, but there is always room for overspending on your engagement ring.

4. Take Inspiration from an Ancient Design 

There are some ancient or popular designs that you can get inspiration from. For example, the wedding ring of Kate Middleton or Meghan Markel made quite the rounds, and people imitated the design for their weddings. These do not classify as ancient designs but sure do for popular designs. If you are going for the vintage look, then the diamonds in vintage rings are quite different from the ones used in modern designs. The vintage designs also have different band shapes, which add more meaning to the ring. 

5. Add Symbolic Details 

Customizing your ring according to your relationship is beautiful. However, you can make the engagement ring more memorable and valuable for your partner by adding a symbolic design that is sentimental to them. The design could be a simple one that resonates with their personality or has a deeper meaning to your relationship; the infinity sign is popular with people who want to add symbolism to their ring. 

The customization of the engagement ring can cost you dearly, but it depends on what you are prioritizing. Adding a little extra to your engagement rings will add more sentimental to the piece of metal that you will wear on your finger for the rest of your life. 


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