Why Sports Betting is More About Stats than Luck

posted by Chris Valentine

A recent survey done by National Research Group helps illuminate the impact of sports betting across the board, and what they mean to the sports industry. In a nutshell, it has boosted the fan experience while increasing the breadth of coverage. Like how fantasy sports came onto the scene and boosted interest among players and their stats, this is what betting on sports will do on a broader basis.

Overall, it’s a priceless impact and the strengthening process that many types of sports have needed for a very long time. What many used to not think of as possible is now pushing the bar as we know it.


Everyone knows that mathematics lies behind the art of sports betting. However, it’s often misconstrued as being a simple thing to grasp. This couldn’t be any further from the truth, as it’s not as simple as it’s made out to be at times.

Practice makes perfect. At first, you might find yourself having trouble grasping the math behind winning most of your sports bets. However, the more that you gamble on sports, the more clarity you’ll be able to see when you enter this side of the world of sports.

Type of Sport

You might want to go all-in when it comes to your favorite type of sports, but you need to be aware that there are some sports that rely more on luck than a statistical advantage. If you want to take the chance of losing all (or a least most) of your money with sports wagering, go right ahead and embrace this approach. However, if you want the ball to be on your side of the court, you’ll want to consider the types of sports which have a vast number of stats that you can use to your advantage.

Some of the most notable types of sports that provide a breadth of stats are baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and horseracing. There are many others, but you’ll just have to find the right ones that suit your taste the best as for every person is a preferred type of sports to bet on.


Thankfully modern technology is working to your advantage more than it ever has before. You have websites that work hard to provide you with the most comprehensive database of sports statistics that you can count on. Even a simple Google search can reveal many more websites that do this.

Another thing that you might consider, especially in the world of horse racing, is to visit the racetrack personally. Not only can it serve you justice by letting you be amidst the action in person, but it gives you a chance to get the pamphlets that contain the most reliable statistics out there. Going straight to the horse’s mouth is always better than just hoping you found a good place to get your stats.

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