Alexis Fecteau – How to Get More Music in Your Life

posted by Chris Valentine

It is pretty fair to say that since the arrival of the internet, pretty much everything has changed, some things for the better, and some may say that some aspects of the world are worse. Music in particular has been change dramatically and the way in which we consume music now is different than it has ever been. Music journalist and good friend of mine Alexis Fecteau has seen this seismic shift in music and he believes that one negative of what has happened, is that people are no longer discovering new music as they used to. If you feel that you aren’t on the pulse of new music, here are the best places to find it.

Online Magazines

In the past magazines were the best place to get your hands on some tips and hints about who the next big thing is going to be and what new music you should be listening to. Many magazines have stopped producing paper copies but you an still find the majority of them online, and they still provide great updates about new bands and artists who you should be following.

Spotify Usage

Spotify is one of the best things that the internet has brought us but there is often a temptation to just listen to the same old songs all of the time. There are however a couple of ways in which you can learn about new music or music which you haven’t heard before, through using the music streaming service. The first thing that you can do is use the part of the page where it says ‘similar artists’. When you click on a band that you already like, have a look at the similar artists and if there are any there that you don’t know, check them out. Spotify is also very good in terms of hip-hop and rock music, in creating playlists of new artists who are hitting the scene, check that out each week too.

Forums and Social Media Groups

I don’t know about you but the best recommendations which I have had for bands have come from people who I know, and Alex shares that too. This hasn’t changed so much and you can still get some brilliant recommendations from people through forums and Facebook groups. If you go on Facebook and type in rock music lovers or EDM lovers, you will find many groups which have been set up specifically for people to discuss their love of the music scene and any new bands, acts or artists who are emerging. Very often this is the best way to discover new music and you will even be able to make some friends in the process, friends who love the music that you do.

There are loads of ways to listen to new music and the internet, whilst it may have changed things, still provides us with a way in which we can continue this discovery.

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