9 Creative Ideas to Help You Plan Your 30th Birthday Bash

posted by Chris Valentine
Your 30th Birthday Bash can be this awesome as well...!

Photo by CC user alper on Flickr

Don’t shy away from your 30th birthday. Celebrate growing older and wiser with style and grace. We’ve put together 9 creative ideas to help you plan an unforgettable 30th birthday bash. Get the pen and paper ready!

  1. Photo booth

What better way to loosen up and create memories than to have some fun in a photo booth! Most modern photo booths come equipped with great props that will liven up any photo shoot. As well as this, by nature a photo booth gives guests personalised photostrips to take home with them – a tangible memory of the night’s festivities! If you want to increase the longevity of your party, visit Platinum Snap, Sydney’s photo booth hire specialists today.

  1. Dirty 30

You know what rhymes with 30? Dirty. Of course, there are two ways of interpreting the word ‘dirty’; you could go with the soil connotation and make cupcakes with gummy worms or lolly snakes, and edible dirt deserts, or you could hold a risque themed party where everyone had to dress up as their interpretation of ‘dirty’! How game are you?

  1. Leave your (19)20’s behind!

Become the pun master you’ve always wanted to be and host a 1920’s themed party, to bid farewell to your twenties! Think pearls, flapper girls, feather boas and the prohibition.

  1. Cassette tapes or records

If you were a music lover in your youth, you probably had a fair collection of cassettes tapes or vinyl records. There were the presents that you were given on birthdays and Christmases, that you burnt off your friends originals, plus the classic mixtapes you received from a crush. Have a table dedicated to your favourite cassettes or records from growing up, to give guests a personal insight into your life.

  1. 90’s theme

An era all thirty-year-olds were all well and truly alive for was the crazy 90’s. Think rave culture, wearing wide-legged pants, fluro colours, lots of denim and bucket hats. Or perhaps pop culture is more your style? Draw inspiration from the 1990 versions of Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, TLC and Destiny’s Child.

  1. Memory collage

You’ve accumulated three decades worth of heat warming memories, so show these off to your guests! Set up a table with all your favourite photos, possessions, concert tickets and memories from the years gone by.

  1. Retro games

If you ask someone their favourite retro game, you’ll probably hear Twister, Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo or Connect 4. A Twister style game can be easily re-created for an outdoor birthday party by spray-painting different coloured circles directly on the grass.

  1. 80’s disco theme

If it’s your 30th birthday this year, you were most likely born in the 80’s, and presumably spent at least part of your childhood growing up in that wonderful neon decade. So what better way to celebrate than with an 80’s themed party? Scour eBay and op shops for 80’s memorabilia and costumes to deck out your event.

  1. Balloon chandelier

Who doesn’t love balloons? A DIY balloon chandelier is a fantastic way of displaying photos from your past in the ultimate helium balloon chandelier. Get creative!

If you’re stuck for ideas for your 30th birthday, look no further. We have 9 surefire ways to make your party as unforgettable as you are. Happy celebrating!

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