Dance to the Music: Your Guide to Musical Entertainment in Atlanta

posted by Chris Valentine

Atlanta has been a hub for musicians and creatives for decades. Since it’s one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States it has a lot to offer, from live concerts of all genres to non-musical acts.

In our current digital age, it can be hard finding venues that feel welcoming but lucky for you we’ve created this complete guide to the best musical entertainment in Atlanta!

Apache Cafe

Apache Cafe is an intimate club that packs a very, lively punch! There isn’t a bad seat in the house so you’ll be able to soak in the sights and sounds without a worry. You can even sit out on the back patio which often houses a DJ.

The club has a solid sound system making the show come to live where ever you are in the venue. Hosting a large variety of acts, from rap and r&b to reggae, and even spoken word — there’s a little something for everyone at Apache.

Cellairis Amphitheater at Lakewood

You can talk about musical entertainment in Atlanta without talking about the Cellairis Amphitheater! This huge open-air amphitheater has 7,000 covered seats and another 12,000 lawn seats.

The venue is said to have stellar acoustics, making it a popular choice between musicians and listeners alike. Chart-topping artists like Linkin Park and Dave Matthews say Cellairis Amphitheater is one of their favorite venues to play!

Wild Bill’s

Wild Bill’s is always a party! This giant venue started out as a home for touring country acts but today hosts acts of every genre. The sound system here is booming so it’s recommended to bring earplugs for sensitive ears.

You can easily grab a beer from the beer tub girl and even, order food like wings and nachos to snack on while you party. If you’re looking for a good time, Wild Bill’s doesn’t disappoint!


The EARL is the pinnacle of punk rock in Atlanta. This small, scrappy pub is a great spot to catch both local and touring acts. The back venue is separated by a narrow hall, the front half of the club housing a lively bar and restaurant.

The EARL is the perfect spot for those trying to experience Atlanta like a local. Between the musical entertainment, food and lively patrons, this is a great display of the fun there is all over the city.

The Best Musical Entertainment in Atlanta

It’s no wonder you can find musical entertainment in Atlanta of all forms — from local clubs to huge amphitheater festivals.

Whether you’re planning an intimate date night or an event filled night on the town, Atlanta’s music scene has something to offer. Experience local music in historical night clubs like The EARL, or go more mainstream and party with pop stars at Cellairis.

Everything Atlanta has to offer is top-rated quality entertainment, so what’re you waiting for? Get out there and experience it first hand!

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