How to make friends in college

posted by Chris Valentine

How to Make Friends in College

It’s hard to make friends in college, especially when you’re a foreign exchange student or just a shy person. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to go out of your comfort zone and meet new friends on campus. 

Knowing how to meet people in college not only boosts your confidence, it can also help you find and make friends in college that you can keep for your entire life. That said, here’s a short guide we prepared for you to learn how to be friends with people in school.

1.There’s Only One of You

You heard that Taylor Swift song entitled, Me, right? Well, get inspiration from that. Start being yourself with people, so that you can be attracting the right people to hang out with. Meeting the right friends who share your interests is important, and you can only do that when you’re acting nothing but yourself.

No matter what type of college you go into, or type, of course,  you’re in, there’s always someone out there who understands your unique personality and likes you for who you are.

2. Share Homework

If you’re in need of some statistic homework help, then why not use that opportunity to learn to meet new people in your school? It’s not a big burden on your part to approach someone and ask for help for the statistics assignment, is it? 

Don’t forget to ask questions that help you know about shared interests. Even if it’s just homework, the potential to discover the hobbies and interests you both share will give an opportunity for you to meet new life buddies.

3. Channel The Power of The Dorm

Your roommates are the perfect starter kits to meet new friends in college. From asking them about the best spots on where to dine near your campus, to asking them to find the best websites where you can pay for essays online, they’re the people to ask. Plus, the dorm mates you hang out with could be perfect for building relationships that last and trusting partnerships that will eventually continue until you finish school. The dorms are perfect for meeting new friends, no doubt.

4. Try to Be as Unique as Possible

You always want to stand out to meet your new friends. Rarely can you make friends when you’re not trying to take effort, and letting your personality shine out is a good approach. 

Whether you like to watch Bisaya Films or play Dungeons and Dragons, express yourself in the unique way you can so you’ll attract authentic, sincere, or even passionate friends that will share your interests in ways that no other person can.

5. Be a Good Listener

Making new friends can be tricky, but when you make an effort to listen and genuinely take an interest in what people do and want, then getting friends will come out naturally. Just by merely listening to your dorm mates’ interests is one good way to start a conversation with them, and who knows, that conversation leads to more lasting long-term partnerships that will stand the test of time. 

Listening to your friends also means that you care. Caring is good proof that you’re having a friendly relationship with someone not because of selfish reasons. 

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