What to expect from your groomsmen before and during your wedding

posted by Chris Valentine

Your friends will no doubt be very honored to be asked to be involved in your wedding. Hopefully, they also realize that it does come with responsibility. It would be nice if they only needed to look good during the wedding and helped to keep the fun vibe going, but it does involve more than that.

Though the responsibilities are not nearly as great as being the best man, there are some duties that need to attend to. Depending on how tight you are as friends, and more importantly how much your fiance trusts their judgement, they can also help with some of the planning.

They can help pick a venue, hire a photobooth or even help you pick out a ring. It all depends. Just make sure you pick up some great groomsmen gifts from Groomshop beforehand.

In any case, here are some of the duties they really have to perform if they want to be involved in the wedding.

Get the suits

Just like the bridesmaids, the groomsmen are in charge of taking care of their attire. They will need to find the place to rent or buy the suits or tuxes and then coordinate with everybody to get fitted.

Make sure they understand that this is one of the first things they need to take care of to make sure there are no issues.

Plan the bachelor party

This hardly counts as a duty because it is one of the tasks that everybody wants to be a part of anyway.

Make sure that you communicate what type of bachelor party you are looking for and get everybody on the same page. If you aren’t much of a strip joint and casino guy then tell them that so they don’t book a weekend in Vegas.

Let them handle the rest of the details like budget and schedule as they are the ones that will need to coordinate.

Decorate the car

This is also part of the fun of being at a wedding. When they get to decorate the getaway car for the end of the ceremony, then they can really have some fun with the theme of it.

They can really deck it out with the old cans tied to the bumper thing, or write some funny sayings with grease markers on the windows.

Be your gophers

On the day of the ceremony, there are always some little details that get forgotten. To keep you from running around trying to tie up loose ends, ask a groomsman to take care of some errands.

This will go a long way towards keeping you calm and on schedule.

Pre ceremony drink

This is your last shot with your buddies to have a toast with just the guys before the wedding.

Ask them to all come by with your favorite booze and have a drink together as things will forever be different after marriage and then kids. Try to make sure they are ready for a quick bonding moment.

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