How to Roll a Joint: A Beginner’s Guide

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Marijuana is currently legal for recreational use in 10 states. And there are more ways than ever to get high. While navigating the modern marijuana market, it’s easy to be confused about concentrate and vape oils.

But don’t worry, the most classic method of getting high is still the best method: smoking a joint. If this is your first time smoking, rolling a joint is easier than you would think. But referring to a stoner-approved guide is always super helpful.

It’s time to smoke two joints in the morning and smoke two joints at night! Continue reading and know how to roll a joint for beginners.

Grab Your Materials

While rolling a joint requires few materials, there are essentials ones you absolutely need. These include:

  • Rolling papers (or blunt wraps, if you’re rolling a blunt)
  • Lighter
  • Grinder (if necessary)
  • Filter (if necessary)

From here, just follow these simple steps and get to rolling!

Prepare the Joint and the Weed

First, lay the paper or blunt wrap down on a flat surface, such as a table or a desk.

You’ll also want to break apart your weed. After all, you can’t roll a huge nug in a small rolling paper. How do you break up your flower? Many stoners use a grinder.

You place a small weed nug in the middle of the grinder’s teeth, attach the lid, and move the grinder in a circular motion. Open the grinder and dump out the grinded-up flower on the table.

Keep in mind, you don’t need a grinder. You can break the cannabis up with your fingers. As long as you break the flower up in small pieces, you’ll still smoke the joint with no problems.

How much marijuana should you use? A half gram is usually ideal. As you continue to roll more joints, you’ll start to recognize how much you need.

Fill the Joint

Take the ground or broken up cannabis and place it in the paper. Make sure you spread the weed throughout the paper. You don’t want to pack the cannabis in one spot, only to have to smoke through nothing to get to the good stuff.

You can also hold the unrolled joint and cup the joint slightly with your fingers. This will help you see how the weed is distributed in the joint.

Roll It Up!

Now you got to the fun part. It’s time to actually roll the joint.

If you’re using a filter, attach this to one end before you start rolling. Keep in mind, using a filter is completely optional but it does make smoking the joint easier.

Start by holding the joint and cupping it with your fingers. Roll the unglued side into the joint, tucking it against the cannabis. Start rolling. It’s helpful to continue tucking each time you roll to ensure the joint is tight.

From here, attach the glued end. If the paper or blunt wrap doesn’t have a glued end, roll the joint tightly and lick down the opened end.

Finishing Touches

Don’t worry if your joint isn’t perfect. You’ll just need some finishing touches.

Move the cannabis inside the joint so it’s even. You can pinch one end so it lights easier and packs down the bud. You may also light the licked down area to ensure the joint stays secure (don’t do this for glued papers).

Smoke Your Joint!

Now comes the best part — try out your joint! Light one end and take a deep inhale. If this is your first time smoking weed in general, you’ll need to know the proper way to smoke. This ensures you can feel the effects of good ol’ Mary Jane!

Should You Double-Up the Papers?

There are different ways to roll a joint, depending on how much bud you’re packing in. There are also many ways to secure the joint and improve the overall smoking experience. One of these methods is doubling up your papers.

Doubling up the papers is best if you don’t like smoking traditional joints. They also burn slower, ensuring you don’t waste any bud. The only downside is they tend to make the smoke harsher.

If you want to double-up your papers, start by rolling a normal joint. Then, roll that joint in a second paper. Ensure you secure both papers before smoking.

When to Use a Roller

If you have difficulty rolling a joint, you can use a roller to ease the process. This method is recommended for beginners. This device holds the joint, ensuring the joint is secure and tight.

The only best practice to know when using a roller is to not over-stuff the cannabis. A roller isn’t as flexible as your fingers and the roller may roll the joint up too tightly, making it difficult to smoke.

If you’re using a filter, you should attach it before rolling.

How to Roll Up Concentrate

With concentrates reaching popularity, many stoners are rolling up concentrates in their joints. Not sure how to do this? It’s simple.

First, choose the correct concentrate. Shatter is too hard and won’t be able to burn with a traditional lighter. You’ll want to use a softer type of concentrates, such as crumble, wax, budder, and oil.

Instead of wrapping the joint in only concentrate, use primarily cannabis flower and add a little bit of concentrate on top.

This heightens the effects of the joint without using too much concentrate. Remember — concentrate is much stronger than traditional marijuana flower.

How to Roll a Joint for Beginners: It’s Easier Than You Think

Joints are the classic way to smoke marijuana. If you’re starting to smoke weed, you should know how to roll a joint.

Hopefully, this “how to roll a joint for beginners” guide helped you. Once you gain more experience, you can experiment with different rolling products, methods, and even using concentrate in your joints.

Now roll up a fatty and get to smoking!

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