Training Your Brain to Win Casino Games

posted by Chris Valentine

About a year ago, Maria Konnikova knew nothing about playing poker. However, this year, she’s surprised the elites and won more than £95,600 in poker earnings. So how did she do it? The answer is psychology. Konnikova is a Ph.D. psychology graduate and uses her knowledge as power. She has proved that casino games and gambling is all a game of the mind and that if you want to be successful, you need to train your brain. So, if you want to win big at the tables, check out some of these powerful mind hacks.

Track Body Movements and Win Big at Poker

The most popular game at the casino is definitely poker. It’s well-known, common, and easy to learn. However, if you want to become a poker champion, you’re going to need amazing concentration, hawk-like vision, and some smart psychology skills. Before you play, you should scan the room and watch your opponents. See how they interact normally and create a baseline for their normal body movements. This will be extremely helpful for you while playing because any difference from this baseline can be taken as a sign of deception. You should also look for shrinking shoulders, increased touching of the face, and changes in hand placement as this is all generally a tell for extreme discomfort and high stress. Other signs include quickly raised eyebrows, changes in breathing, and a raised lip. These tells are things that people generally can’t control and are great indicators that the person in front of you is lying.

The Human Brain Can Outwit the Slot Machine

Sometimes you’re not the one playing, but rather the one being played. In casinos, there’s a psychological occurrence known as machine zone. This happens when you sit down to play slots and become completely taken over by the machine. Since some psychologists have determined that slots are a form of medication for some players, these machines can influence your mind and make you lost in the world of casinos. Therefore, it is important that you train your brain so that you don’t let the machine win. Don’t get sucked in and change machines once you win some money. This improves your chances of scoring big as switching up machines will keep you in the right state of mind.

Other General Casino Tips

When you enter a casino, you’re not entering a place of entertainment – you’re entering a business. The casino owners are there to make a profit off you and it’s important that you keep your mind focused to avoid their traps. Only gamble when you’re well-rested and alert. This includes watching your alcohol consumption and getting a good night’s rest. Also, remember that there’s a reason why you use bet chips rather than actual cash at casinos. If you were to put down a hundred-dollar bill, you might think twice about going all in. Therefore, treat your chips like money. Lastly, remember that your odds of winning don’t increase after losing the last hand. If you’re having a losing streak, take a break or try another table.

Having the right state of mind is important for dominating the casinos. You need to make sure you’re refreshed and alert while working on these psychology hacks.

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