Finding Ways to Get Away from Your Addiction

posted by Chris Valentine

Parents only want the best for their children. Mothers, in particular, develop a special relationship with their children because it is in their maternal instinct to nurture their kids. Thus, it can definitely be heartbreaking for a mother to see that one of her children is suffering from addiction.

Addiction comes in different forms and symptoms of addiction from one person to another definitely varies. Thus, the treatments also differ greatly. Nevertheless, there are significant signs that may alert you that one of your children may be suffering from addiction.

In these instances, there are various ways that can help your child, and your family overcome this challenge and restore your relationship.

Deciding to quit

The first step in being free from your addiction is your decision to quit. It is at this stage when you recognize that you have a problem and that you need help to overcome it. To help you find clarity, it will be best if you can write down the harmful effects of your addiction to your body, your finances, or your relationships, among others. Think about what triggers you and how your addiction transformed your life in a bad light. This list will be a powerful reminder that will encourage you to finally stop. A mother will definitely be able to observe behavioral changes in her children. Apart from being able to tell whether your child is suffering from addiction, you will also be able to note that if there is any drive or conviction for him or her to stop. Find ways to encourage your child to find it within themselves to decide to quit. Spend more quality time with them and always keep an open communication.

Seeking personal support

Overcoming your addiction doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. Thus, it is best to seek for personal support. Your personal support may come from your family and closest friends, with whom you establish your trust. If you are ready, open up to them and let them know what is troubling you. Whether your child shows symptoms of substance and alcohol abuse, or internet and shopping addiction, your child will definitely need all the support that he or she can get through your family. If you are lucky, your child will open up to you about the things that he or she is having difficulty stopping or giving up. In less fortunate circumstances, you will be triggered by warning signs. Nevertheless, it is important to let your child know that you are always there to support and that you are one with him/her in this battle. It is important in this stage that more love and support are given, without any judgements thrown.

Pursuing professional help

With the support of your family and closest friends, you have the opportunity to pursue professional help. It is an understatement to say that overcoming addiction is difficult. More often than not, people suffering from various types of addiction need professional help and specialized treatment programs. There are already several addiction treatment centers that provide specific treatments according to the needs of their patients. Transitions Addiction Recovery Program, along with other treatment programs, help patients through a reality-based treatment. This entails the need for a continuing care planning, as well as education and local community participation. Apart from this, the treatment programs are usually tailored-fit depending on the addiction level of an individual. Some may need residential or partial-day treatment, while others may undergo an intensive outpatient treatment that is followed by a continuing care and a family program. Depending on your personal needs, the treatment program of a rehabilitation facility will be customized to ensure your success. While it may be difficult for a mother to enlist the help of professionals to treat their children, it may also be liberating. When one of your children suffers an addiction, getting them to pursue the help of professionals through treatment programs in rehabilitation and recovery facilities may already be difficult. However, this is a necessary step to help your child find a way to break free from his or her addiction. It cannot be denied that there are specific activities and programs that can help your child bear the weight of the battle, making their recovery more manageable. Often times, only these treatment facilities will be able to provide these activities.

Celebrating milestones

Give importance to the little wins you accomplish day by day. These are your milestones in your battle with anything you are addicted to. Do something nice for yourself when you achieve a goal you have made for yourself or when you reach a target of your program. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something big and grand, but choose something that will make you feel good. It is important for you to be careful to avoid the triggers that cause your addiction.

As a mother, it is also important to give credit to your child when it is due. Celebrate their milestones with them by spending more time and visiting them in the treatment center as often as it is allowed. Often, a tight hug and a reassuring touch are already sufficient to let them know that you are one with them. Make it an effort to cook their favorite food and celebrate their achievements with a good meal. Also write some notes of encouragement thereafter with a token, which can serve as their daily reminder that they are not alone in their battle. However, in the same manner, it is necessary to align this with the program that your child is enrolled in to avoid the triggers of their addiction.

A person suffering from addiction needs intervention. This may be because people who are addicted to certain things or acts don’t necessarily recognize that indeed they are manifesting the symptoms of addiction. While it may be difficult for a mother to witness her child undergo such distress, there are various ways that may help an individual overcome this difficult time.

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