All the Beard Grooming Tips You’ll Ever Need in One Place

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If you’re trying to avoid looking like Gandalf with a hangover, you already know how tough it can be to keep your beard looking its best.

Proper beard grooming can make you look svelte, and it’s also a smart way to make sure you’re always feeling your best.

If you’re thinking of starting a beard or want to maintain the one you worked hard to get, read on for some helpful beard grooming tips that will make your life easier.

Moisturization Is Key

One of the most crucial beard grooming tips that often gets overlooked is keeping your beard nicely moisturized. When the hairs and skin underneath are hydrated, your beard will look its best.

You can keep your beard nicely moisturized using natural oils like jojoba or shea. Special products made just for beards are available that you can add as part of your daily grooming regimen.

Pay close attention to your skin since people with oily skin won’t need to apply oil as often. On the other hand, if your beard hair and skin are dry, the daily application of the oil is ideal.

Once you start to apply a moisturizer on a regular basis, you’ll start to notice some positive changes. First off, you’ll probably get rid of any excess dandruff that’s been flaking off your face.

Not only will you get rid of dry hair and skin with moisturizer, but your beard will also look incredibly shiny! If you’re not a fan of oil, beard balm products are a great substitute as well. Balms are also wonderful for styling, so it’s like getting to products in one.

Keep That Beard Clean

You might think that just a daily shower and washing your face is enough to keep your beard clean. But the beard is basically another head of hair that needs regular washing for good hygiene.

The beard on your face can trap all kinds of nasty things like dirt, dust, bacteria, sweat, dead skin cells, and even food! Over time, this will cause your pores to clog and your skin will probably start to get dry and itchy.

Never use a regular shampoo made for the hair on your scalp on your beard. Most shampoos contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your facial skin.

Look for specially made beard shampoos. These shampoos will help your skin stay soft and the hair on your face clean, soft, and stylish. You don’t want to use a product that will strip away the natural oils on your face, so only use products made for beards.

On average, you should wash your beard thoroughly about twice a week. Don’t wash it too often or else you could potentially dry your beard out and get dry skin.

Brushing and Combing Beard Grooming Tips

While moisturizing and shampooing are important, you can’t forget to brush or comb your beard, too! When you brush the beard, it helps to distribute your skin’s natural oils evenly all over your beard.

As you brush, it starts to train the beard hair to grow in a natural direction. Brushing is also great for shaping, and it helps to increase growth by promoting healthy blood circulation in your face.

Combing your beard is also essential, and can remove any annoying tangles. Use a comb instead of a brush when you want to style your beard to get the desired look.

For the suave look you crave, you have to combine a good habit of cleaning, moisturizing, and styling. When you comb and brush your beard, the hairs on your face will look amazing.

Not only does brushing and combing help you create style, but it’s also a nice massage for your face! When your beard gets tangled, it can become annoying and you might even have to shave the whole thing off. Avoid those nasty tangles with a regular combing and brushing session.

Picking the Right Grooming Tools

When it comes to grooming, don’t forget to buy a brush and a comb. You’ll need both to achieve various results. For example, combs are great for detangling and styling your beard, while brushes are better for keeping the beard healthy in general.

Look for brushes made of boar bristles. These all-natural bristles are made from boar’s hair and can carry oils throughout your beard to keep it nice and well-nourished.

Combs come in all different types ranging from plastic and wood to metal. Wooden combs work great to detangle your beard, but you can choose a comb made from whatever works best for you.

Invest in a quality beard brush and comb to make sure you’re getting great results. The cheaper products tend to break and they can sometimes be painful to use.

Trimming Tips

Of course, when it comes to an amazing beard, you’ve got to practice excellent trimming skills. If you’re just starting out with a new beard, let it grow naturally for around six to eight weeks and don’t trim it during this time.

As the beard starts to grow, your facial hairs will grow in all sorts of crazy directions and at different lengths. You will probably also see things like split ends and stray hairs, which will prompt you to start trimming once your beard grows out.

Proper trimming will keep the beard looking its best, the hairs growing evenly, and everything looking nice and healthy. Use a trimmer to make sure you look sharp and your beard looks well-shaped.

The way you trim depends on your desired look, the style of your beard, and your comfort level. The key to trimming is to find a high-quality trimmer that will last. If you’re on the hunt for a new trimmer, mister shaver reviewed the best trimmers to help you find the perfect one for you.

Trim Smartly

In addition to your trimmer, make sure you purchase a good pair of hair cutting scissors. Pay close attention to your cheek and necklines. This is the part of your face that defines the borders, and stray hairs here can look really gnarly.

Start out trimming your beard slowly and take your time as you go. Practice with the trimmer until you find a rhythm that works for you.

Don’t “over-trim” your beard or else it will look uneven and all your hard work will get thrown away. Instead, use gentle motions and trim away small sections and tiny bits of hair at a time so you don’t overdo it.

With a high-quality trimmer and regular practice, you’ll be a beard-trimming pro in no time. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be easy to achieve the ideal look you want on a regular basis.

Adopt Healthy Habits

Now that you know a few helpful beard grooming tips, it’s important to remember to keep your whole body healthy, too. With regular exercise and a healthy diet, you can keep your beard and your body looking and feeling its best.

Drink a lot of water and make sure you get proper sleep. When you sleep enough each night, it can actually help your beard grow faster and healthier!

Do your best to keep stress levels at a minimum and eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamins like biotin, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and protein can all help to promote healthy beard growth.

As for things you should avoid, never pull on your beard and never wash it too often. And even if it’s tempting, don’t over comb your beard either.

When you “mess with” your beard too much, it can cause skin irritation and uneven growth. Too much combing can also cause the beard to grow in an uneven way and make it look misshapen.

Get into a good morning routine to make sure that your beard is part of your daily habit. First, wash your beard with water, and use the beard shampoo around two to three times a week.

When you dry your beard, gently dry it with a soft towel or put a blow dryer on the low setting. You can keep the beard slightly moist before applying the beard oil or a special beard conditioning treatment.

After the moisturizer is applied, brush your beard to distribute everything evenly. If you want to style it further, apply some beard balm to get your desired look.

Over time, you’ll develop a daily habit that ensures your beard always looks its best. Remember that the perfect beard wasn’t invented overnight, so patience is the key.

Look Dapper with a Well-Groomed Beard

Now that you’re aware of these helpful beard grooming tips, you can go boldly where no beardless man has gone before. Take good care of your skin and the beard hairs for a healthy, shiny look.

With regular washings and good trimming habits, your beard will always look its best. Take good care of your entire body to encourage your beard to follow suit.

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