A Comprehensive Guide to CBD Tinctures

posted by Chris Valentine

A CBD tincture is known as an alcohol-based extract made from dissolving it in alcohol, oil, vinegar or glycerin. It’s a supplement that comes in liquid form, and it’s typically mixed with sweet oil; this is because, on its own, it’s bitter. CBD tincture is not psychoactive; this means the user will not get “high.” It’s because made from a combination of high-CBD and low-THC; it helps in minimizing the psychedelic effects and maximizes the health benefits.

CBD oil and tinctures have known differences. In tinctures, it’s mixed with distilled alcohol in smaller amounts. CBD tinctures are easy to administer into food because of the alcohol content. While CBD oil used in other fat-soluble foods like butter, and this is because it does not include alcohol, unlike CBD tinctures that contain alcohol.

Most people argue that CBD tincture and CBD oils are the same; the main difference is in the mode of administration. CBD oil is administered as a vaporizer while CBD tinctures are orally administered; this is placed in food and beverages or under the tongue. Its form is the best when mixed with food, and the alcohol masks the smell; it can be used in any diet.

How is CBD Tincture Used?

It’s used in small doses because of its nature. It comes in a dropper for easy administration. When taken orally, most patients mix it with food and beverages; mostly salad dressing, soups, coffee, or tea. When taken under the tongue, the absorption rate increase. Ensure you hold it under the tongue for a minute for it to absorb and then swallow. The CBD tincture dosage takes effect after about 15 to 45 minutes, and the highest peak is about 90 minutes. It’s absorbed under the tongue by the sublingual artery and travels to the external carotid artery, which is incorporated in the brain.

The Benefits

CBD tincture benefits are known to be medically assistive because of the cannabinoid nature:

  1. It’s used as a supplement for a healthy lifestyle; like any CBD oil, the effects are the same. Caution needs to be observed, and it should be taken in small doses because of its real nature.

  2. Studies done have shown that CBD tinctures have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in relieving acute pain and chronic pain- for instance, muscle and arthritis, respectively.

  3. It helps reduce artery blockage, cancer cell growth, psoriasis, muscles spasms, and seizures.

  4. It assists in nervous system degeneration, insomnia, and bacterial growth.

  5. A CBD tincture reduces high blood sugar (Hyperglycemia), reduces inflammation and anxiety.

  6. Improves Low appetite, reduces vomiting, nausea, and psychosis.

  7. It helps treat neurological disorders like PSTD, OCD, panic disorder, social phobia, and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder.)

Effects of CBD tincture

  1. Hepatic Metabolism: It’s known as the liver issue or the interference of the liver to process.

  2. Dry Mouth: It’s experienced from taking high CBD tincture dosage, which causes dry mouth.

  3. CBD tincture taken in a higher dosage becomes biphasic: This means the effects are bound to change depending on the incremental dosage.

There is no evidence of a patient who has had CBD tincture overdose. The tincture taken in higher doses can cause drowsiness. It’s considered as an overdose is like 50,000 milligrams of the CBD.

It’s not possible to take such a dosage; this is because an average patient suffering from severe pain will only require 25 milligrams to have pain relief. It’s okay to state that, even at 1,500 milligrams of CBD tincture for an extended time is safe and will not exhibit adverse effects.

The most common dosage to be taken daily is one dropper. Even if it’s not known if it’s the right dosage for any individual, it’s because of factors like:

  • The patient weight: The heavier the patient, the higher the dosage.

  • The CBD tincture concentration.

  • The body chemistry of the patient.

  • How severe is the condition?

Is CBD tincture supposed to be Vaped?

They don’t fair well when heated up. It has a special thinning agent like PEG, PG, VG or MCT. When heated, it releases a dangerous vapor that moves into the lungs, which can cause some damage. CBD tincture helps one to focus and reduce anxiety; this increases serotonin levels of the brain. It must be used properly for the effects to take place efficiently. It does not make the patient sleepy, but instead, they become more productive and have better sleep. CBD tinctures produce therapeutic effects, and it’s less addictive than THC.

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