Tips In Choosing The Right Color For Your Kitchen Countertop

posted by Chris Valentine

A kitchen represents more than just a place where food is prepared. It tells the story of the people who live there. It symbolizes love, family, warmth. This is where most family memories are made. We have conversations about how our day was. It’s a family area. For this reason, the theme of the kitchen should not only be modern and stylish but also represent a family’s values and characteristics. Because counter tops take up a lot of space in your kitchen, that’s one of the first things that you or your visitors will see when they walk into the room. That’s why it’s so important that you make a statement.

Below are tips to help you choose the color for your kitchen top:

1. Contrast.

When choosing colors for your countertop, you have to choose colors that will blend in and complement the back splash. A high contrast might give a messy and unsettling impression. Ideally, onyx colors blend in well with almost every surface because of the color of its band range; from white to nearly every color. Its stunning appearance, which features rich parallel layers with contrasting shades are naturally formed over the course of thousands of years. It has an extraordinary style that is one-of-a-kind.

2.The lighting of the kitchen.

If the light in the kitchen is not enough, then you should consider having a brighter counter top. You need to find colors that will bring warmth to the kitchen area. And if there is plenty of sunlight, then a neutral color would be better.

3. Size of the kitchen.

If you live in a small apartment, this means that your kitchen is even smaller. Use a color that will give the effect of having a bigger kitchen. Colors such as flecked or Softly Veined White is ideal for a small kitchen or rather small spaces.

4. Color of your furniture.

The color of your furniture is an essential factor because you want your countertop to complement your furniture and vice versa.

5. Color of the ceiling/ Roof.

In most cases, people often forget about the roof. The roof or the ceiling is an extension of the house, and it should also be considered.

6. Easy to clean.

How much time do you have to clean? Consider having a countertop that is appealing and at the same time, easy to clean. A color that will not stain easily. You don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning after.

7. Family.

Talk to your family and listen to their opinion. You want your kitchen to be had life; then the color of the countertop color represents each one of them. Allow your children to take part in the final decision making. This will make them more responsible, and they will feel that they are part of something.

The kitchen is probably the most important room in the house, and it is the center of everyday activities. The factors above should be carefully considered to ensure that everyone in the house feels represented and in its’ maintenance. If all the above factors are considered, it will help cut costs. Remodelling your kitchen can be quite expensive; therefore you don’t want to go into it without carefully thinking it through first.

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