How to Beat Addiction: Simple Tips That Can Help Get Your Life on Track

posted by Chris Valentine

Addiction is a dangerous beast. It manifests itself in many forms, it creeps on you out of the blue, and in just a little time you won’t be able to understand what’s going on, and it can take control over your lifestyle. It’s an illness like no other and can temper with your physical and mental well-being.

Luckily, this illness can be cured, and there are proven ways that can help you boost your odds of sobriety. Keep reading if you’re curious to know how to beat addiction.

How to Beat Addiction Step 1: Understand How It Happens

This is a question that should quickly be answered, but the fact is, it’s a bit more complicated than you think.

Addiction starts when you are dealing with other current issues. You might not have a significant problem with addiction if you see drugs as a social experience, let’s say, a little cocaine or MDMA to help you enjoy yourself at a party or club.

But when you start using them to cop-up with stress, leave the house because you’re less confident without them, or psych yourself up when you feel low, then the problem begins.

You can understand it by asking yourself how many people who were addicts since they were young and have collected their lives back together? Now weigh that to how many individuals have had the same problem as grown-ups. The ones who started using drugs early can cop up with life, but the other group will find it difficult to stop the habit, and this is a severe problem.

Step 2: Find a Reason to be Sober

Give yourself a reason to live. If you’re at the lowest possible level by now, then it’s going to be challenging to deal with your addiction since you’ll end up at a point where you have a fixed mindset.

At this level, you need to reconnect with your family. Concentrate on your talent or learn a new skill. Do things that will make you urge to be sober, something that’ll assist you to overcome your darkest days.

Step 3: Get Your Head and Life Straight

Many addicts find life worthless without drugs, and they end up living in the streets away from their loved ones. They have no career prospects, and their health is wanting.

If you find yourself in this state, then sobriety not appealing and that you have nothing to live for. This is a harsh position, and anyone would prefer going back to do drugs since they can help them feel happy and back in track.

If you hate your addiction, then the critical step is to try and collect your life back. Find a job, save some money, and use some on meals than on drugs. Give your life meaning so that you can break the chains of addiction.

Step 4: Tackle the Addiction

This is the first and only step if you have no other issues in your life or your head.

If you have the willpower to give up, then you’ll find tackling addiction an easy thing. If you need to beat the cravings and deal with addiction recovery here are some of the things you need to do:

• Get a hobby
• Reach out to others
• Practice cognitive behavioral therapy
• Know your triggers
• Do away with bad memories
• Try to talk to yourself to resist the urge to use drugs

Another way to deal with addiction is by visiting a rehabilitation center for addiction support services. You can get more info at Northbound’s Seattle rehab center.


The best way to help yourself is by trying to help others. Your knowledge of how to beat addiction and how challenging the recovery process was can help you support other addicts, both adults, and teenagers.

If you have a relapse, immediate identification of the problem can be critical. Look for quick assistance to avoid undoing the hard work you put on your initial recovery. Try asking for help if you have a relapse.

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