Nine Little-Known Men’s Watches Brands

posted by Chris Valentine

Omega, Casio, Blvgari, Chopard, Seiko… 

Brand names and logos have become the not-so-subtle way to display status. Fashion authorities say they buy outfits, watches, and accessories to represent who they are inside. Really? Can a watch that is owned by nearly everyone you know represent who you are as an individual?

Some will argue that brand names spark conversation. While this may be true (and here we are talking about it) there are unique and striking timepieces in the world of men’s watches designed and manufactured by diligent watchmakers the world hasn’t heard of — yet.

If you’re in the market for a new watch and like to buck the trends in favor of something truly unique, check out our lineup of 8 little-known brands of men’s watches.


1. Vostok-Europe

Vostok-Europe is a fledgling company fresh out of post-Soviet Russia. They recently received the coveted watch of the year award for their N1 Rocket. It features an automatic movement, PVD coated case, and crisp design. To find an affordable, great-looking watch with a European automatic movement is rare, and the N1 Rocket Black retails for around $300.

2. Maurice de Mauriac Zurich

Daniel Dreifuss is the owner and founder of the one-man shop Maurice de Mauriac Zurich. A watchmaker to European Royalty and American celebrities in a former life, Dreifuss is all about uniqueness and quality. His watches give us some of the finest movements in the watch world. While the distinctive flair of his customizable watches are unmatched. The Maurice de Mauriac Zurich costs roughly the same amount as an Omega or Rolex, but you get a truly personalized watch from Maurice de Mauriac Zurich, a legend in watchmaking.


From the get go, LUM-TEC has been making waves with made-in-the-USA watches that are both affordable and sporty. Their M-Series Chronograph is a runway hit and has quickly become a favorite with guys and girls around the country and beyond. LUM-TEC pieces generally come with a few interchangeable straps. They are truly changing expectations when it comes to a sub $500 watch and the LUM-TEC buzz is only growing.

4. Perrelet

Unlike many of the brands on this like, Perelet is not a brand new brand! In fact, Perrelet is even credited with inventing the movements for many automatic watches as far back as 1770. Perrelet has now reinvented their brand with a mission to bring their passion for precision and contemporary design into the 21st Century.Since their seeming dormant presence has been revived, we have witnessed a vast surge in interest in Perrelet’sexquisite designs here in the US.

5. Linde Werdelin

We think Linde Werdelin may very well be producing the ultimate in gadget watches. Linde Werdelin has coupled quality with highly advanced digital technology. They have gone and done what the critics and consumers alike said just could not be done. Linde Werdelin has meshed masculinity, style, and class with a host of gadget-y features. This is the timepiece you need on your next trek up Everest, with the ability to track your heart rate, temperature, altitude and more. After all, that’s what it was designed for.

6. Skagen

Named for the northernmost town in Denmark, Skagen’s designs are obviously Scandinavian. Think Ragnar Lotbrok or brushed metal and clean faces. They feature blue to black faces, titanium cases, sunburst dials and mesh straps.  Skagen offers a pocketbook-friendly way to on-point fashion with a simple but elegant flair.

7. Junghans

Germany’s biggest watchmaker isn’t getting the publicity it really deserves on these shores. Junghans storied history stretches back over 150 years. The result is the fine craftsmanship of watches that are ergonomic and functional.  “Made in Germany”is not simply a label but a declaration of Skagen’s commitment to excellence. Their watches make for the ideal first “proper” watch.

8. Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen is best known for their fine jewelry and Art Nouveau silversmith work. But the Danish brand also makes exquisitely designed watches. These watches are powered by automatic Swiss movements that are both precise and practically as unadorned as possible. Georg Jensen watches feature delicate hand over a white dial – a subtle design with a striking presence.

If you want something that sets you apart from the masses, consider one of the above. Be it well-known or little-known, choose a timeless timepiece that speaks of your practicality, attention to detail, and love for life.

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