How to successfully coordinate jewellery with your outfit

posted by Chris Valentine

You have chosen your outfit, picked out your shoes and decided how to style your hair. But you are still missing one thing: your accessories! What earrings go with what outfit? And what necklace could complement that fabulous new dress you’ve bought? If you are struggling to figure out how to coordinate your beautiful jewellery so that it matches your outfit perfectly, allow us to help. 

At work

Of course, your outfit at work depends on what job you have. However, for work, it’s best that you’re understated. If you work in an office or any other corporate environment and are regularly in and out of client meetings, it is best to sick to simple, classic pieces. Opt for dainty pendants, classy bracelets and small hoop earrings or studs. 

If you work in a more casual setting, you might be able to get away with items that are slightly more out there. Think small dangle earrings, layered necklaces or pretty bangles.

Out for lunch with friends

Getting your best smart-casual clothes out for a catch up with friends over lunch? In these scenarios, it’s perfectly okay to draw attention to yourself with your choice of pretty pieces. Go on the hunt for your favourite long dangle earrings, place that statement ring on your finger and add a bit of sparkle to your outfit with some eye-catching jewels.

Heading to a cocktail party with your partner

A cocktail party can only mean one thing: getting dressed up! On these occasions, it’s the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine. If you’d like to enter the event dripping in jewels, then this is your chance to do it! When you’re planning your outfit for this night, be sure to include stacks of rings, chandelier earrings and sparkly diamonds.

If your dress does all the talking, remember to keep your jewellery minimalistic so as not to overdo it. If it’s a plain block colour, however, you can use your accessories to take your look to the next level. Try not to pair oversized earrings and necklaces together, either, as this may seem a little too much. 

No matter whether you are looking for the perfect piece for a special event, or something you can wear every day, follow this handy advice to successfully coordinate your jewellery with your outfit.  

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