The Benefits of Choosing Fitted Wardrobes Over Freestanding Wardrobes

posted by Chris Valentine

In designing your bedroom, one of the dilemmas you will face is whether you’ll have a fitted wardrobe or a freestanding wardrobe. Although a lot of people choose a freestanding wardrobe due to quality and design, fitted wardrobes are now getting more attention.

This is true especially for those who don’t have a lot of space in their bedroom. If you are contemplating having a fitted wardrobe in your bedroom, here are some benefits that you will get from it.

Everything is customised

You decide every single aspect of the wardrobe. From the kind of material used to the overall design, everything is up to you. Deciding on the storage areas is also your responsibility. You can decide how many drawers, racks, and compartments you need based on the clothes you already have and plan to have. If you are sharing this wardrobe with your partner whom you have just recently married, you can also make the necessary adjustments.

It is space efficient

Since the wardrobe is fitted on the wall, it appears to be designed seamlessly. It won’t seem as if it is taking up too much space. It won’t make a small bedroom look even smaller. Freestanding wardrobes are usually too large, and they eat up a lot of space. They might even look out of place, leaving them looking awkward in your bedroom.

You can get integrated lighting

Imagine having to search in your wardrobe on darker days. You won’t find the clothes you need right away. With fitted wardrobes, you can easily pick the clothes you need and get dressed. Usually, freestanding wardrobes don’t have lights. If they do, they are already built-in. You can’t decide what type of light to use or how many of them should be installed inside the wardrobe.

The exteriors are enhanced

If there is a specific theme you have in mind for your bedroom, you can design the wardrobe to fit in with the theme. Therefore, you can get a wardrobe with a glossy acrylic finish or a wooden finish if you want something more sophisticated and elegant. Even the interiors may also be enhanced based on what you have decided for the exterior.

It is a reflection of who you are

Your bedroom is your haven. You want it to contain everything that you want. Therefore, having fitted wardrobes makes you feel like every single aspect of the bedroom is a true reflection of who you really are.

The possible downside of fitted wardrobes is that they are quite expensive. This depends on the materials you’ve chosen or the overall design. In the end, though, the benefits outweigh the problems and you should still give it a try.

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