Top Reasons to Fence Your Pool with a Glass Wall Fence

posted by Chris Valentine

Almost everyone would love to have a pool at home because of the enormous benefits. You can easily cool off whenever you want, and entertain yourself and your family. Yet having a pool comes with some responsibilities. If you have kids, there is the risk of unintentional child drownings.

Every year, over 350 children below age five drown in swimming pools. Many countries have stipulated that parents with pools at home follow some stringent pool fencing laws. For example, individual pool fence laws were created in the US by the I.C.C- International Code Council.

There are different types of pool fences made from different materials such as metal, mesh, wood, and glass. Glass pool fences are a popular choice, as they not only ensure the kids are safe but also improve the appearance of the backyard.

Some people have carried the misconception or prejudice for a long while because they feel that a glass pool fence will be fragile. Others feel that a glass pool fence is more expensive.

Though a glass fence may not have a cheap price tag like the wood, it has a lower cost of maintenance than wood. This makes it one of the most economical types of fences. Breakages rarely occur on the glass fence, and if this rare occurrence were to happen the glass would break much like a car window into tiny cubes, averting the risk of sharp blades of glass cutting someone. A lot of homeowners have started embracing the glass wall fence because of its features.

1. The glass pool fence is beautiful. You can get your pool childproofed, without ignoring the appearance of your pool or house. That’s why you should use a pool railing that will not turn your home into an eyesore. A glass railing system will look more magnificent than any other pool gate. The frameless glass railing is very elegant, usually introducing a touch of class. With the glass pool fencing, you can get your house a lot more glances from admirers.

2. The glass fence is easily maintained. The fence will not rot, neither do you need to repaint it. All you need to clean it is vinegar or dishwashing liquid periodically.

3. The glass pool fence system is durable. The pool fence cost of a glass railing system saves you money in the long term as opposed to other fence methods, as this pool fence is durable, easy to maintain, free of decay and rust, and aesthetically more pleasing.

4. The glass railing system compliments any landscape. While installing your glass railing system, you can decide to add a number of designs. You may go semi-frameless or opt for the frameless system. It can blend with different materials, whether you are looking for the contemporary look or a classic one.

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