Different uses for a spare room

posted by Chris Valentine

There are many Different uses for a spare room

Having an empty, unused space in a home generally means an opportunity is being wasted to create something that could be of immense benefit to the household in many ways. Space is often at a premium in a busy household, especially one with kids, so a free spare room might not always be available. However, if you do happen to have one, here are some ideas for getting the most use out of it.

A new bedroom

Spare rooms without a designated use can easily be taken over by clutter, becoming a storage-by-default room. Creating a new bedroom is likely to add value to the property and is a great addition for when guests are coming to stay.

Depending on the how the household operates and where the room is situated in relation to everywhere else, it could be a money-making opportunity by allowing you to take in a lodger or occasional guests who are visiting or passing through the area and don’t want a traditional hotel or guesthouse.

Neutral colors may work best, especially if the room is to be rented out, and a comfortable double bed with a quality mattress should ensure good relaxation for visitors. A light and airy atmosphere also works well, and wooden DIY plantation shutters for the windows help make the space look stylish while allowing the amount of light coming in to be controlled. This is particularly true of shutters that have adjustable louvres. Add a couple of beside tables with lamps and storage for clothes to create an attractive extra room for the home.

Develop a home office

More and more work is now done remotely. Even though attending a workplace office is usually necessary for employees, an increasing number of people run their own freelance businesses and need an effective office space.

The ideal part of having a spare room is that it can be turned into an office that suits the individual, rather than being a soulless corporate space. Desks and chairs should be chosen for their ergonomic properties, aiding hard work and concentration rather than contributing to muscle and eye fatigue.

Good natural light will brighten up the room and help cut down the strain of long times working on screens. Storage space for papers, books and stationery supplies should be easily accessible, with printers and copiers within easy reach, A reliable and fast broadband link is essential, so care should be taken to ensure the new office is well served by the link.

Upping the exercise quotient

Membership at a gym is a great way to get regular exercise, but many people join with good intentions and never end up following through. This is a waste of resources that could be put into converting a spare room into a home-based gym, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Tight budget control – and this goes for however a spare room is to be used – will help get the best out of furniture, fixtures, fittings and equipment.

A simple wooden or laminate floor and some mats for floor workouts are a simple and inexpensive way to start a new gym space. Some weights and an exercise ball are all that is needed at the beginning, and different equipment can be added in the future as the budget sees fit.

A rowing machine, treadmill and weights machine will add to the feeling of a real gym for anyone who uses it, and to top it off, a cold drinks machine will add that final touch.


Kids love to play, and a designated room where they can do this is a real positive for their development. Bright, vibrant colors will instantly signal that this is a spare room in which to have fun. A desk and chairs mean that it can also be used for homework, and it’s worth setting up a wet area with a basin where kids can paint, model with clay or design ideas without making a mess on a carpet or rug.

Giving them space to build a den means they can use their imaginations to transport themselves into far-off countries or worlds, and they can play with toys, puzzles and board games to their hearts’ content.

Thinking creatively

A spare room is a golden opportunity to make a new use of an existing space. Work, relaxation, hobbies and an area for kids to enjoy are all great options for the creative use of an additional room.

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