Home Building 101: Making Your Home Extraordinary

posted by Chris Valentine

There is a lot of work that needs to be put into a great home. Flooring, lighting, interior design, and architectural design are all the things you need to consider when building an extraordinary home. Most people think it’s hard to build such a nice home but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you consider these important home features, you can figure out what needs to be done on your home so it looks good.

Extraordinary homes don’t need to feature extraordinary work. It just needs to be well thought out. Walking into an expensive home versus a modest home can feel different based on the amount of work put in. Sometimes even simple fixes or updates, such as concrete repair Los Angeles can enhance a home’s appeal.

Regardless, if you are looking to make your home look extraordinary and need some guidance, this is where you should start:

Kitchen renovations

Good kitchens can be a great way to tie an entire home together.. Next time you enter a new house you will notice how much time is spent in the kitchen. More often than not, we do our social parties or dinner conversation there. A beautiful kitchen is only as good as the space it has, like countertops/worktops.

There are many options when it comes to countertop/worktop designs that can stand out. Some of these can be granite for a sophisticated look or you can go with a timeless ceramic tile pattern. They can be modern options a clean concrete surface, the experts at https://www.carrdiamondpolishingpads.co.uk/ strongly suggest using a proseal impregnating sealer for this style to clean up the original concrete surface. Consider how granite needs special installation, concrete requires some kind of proseal finish to protect it, and tile needs to be cleaned very often.


Maximizing your window space will really improve your homes appeal. The more windows you can have in your home means more natural light, which is a good thing. People don’t like to feel claustrophobic in their home, and that can mean a lot of lightbulbs. When you utilize big window designs you can get a nice, free look.

What’s good about having a lot of windows is that you also get the added bonus of natural sunlight warming your rooms. You can also open them up to allow for cross-breeze to cool your home too. Just remember that many windows means a lot of cleaning, and the potential for a lot of work on their frames for sealing purposes.

Add something unique

While big home design features like floors and windows can wow people, think about smaller unique ways to make an extraordinary home. They don’t have to be expensive or ridiculous, but you can use cool, or interesting additions to your home to give it that special charm. Some people add an entertainment or game room, some people create a lush backyard hangout spot. Whatever it is, you can find something you can enjoy that also suits your needs.

If you plan on hosting friends, the examples listed are great, but if you don’t like big gatherings that’s no problem. Maybe you’d like a little study room or breakfast nook, these are great for personal use and make your house charming and special to you.

First appearances

Within the first few seconds of seeing someone or something, we make a judgement and form opinions. You don’t want someone to judge your house from the first few seconds either. Think about ways to make your home jump out immediately.

Some of these ways can be with decorative yard work, a colorful garden, a cozy porch, or even just a distinct front doorway. These are simple ways to effectively show off your house and give it curb appeal. Being able to see how attractive a house is on the outside can really sway people’s opinion on how the inside looks as well.

Part of building an extraordinary home is making sure you can improve the appeal of an already existing one, or add some to a new one. Making your home look nice can really improve how you feel inside of it too, and having a nice home is always a plus.

People often think of extraordinary homes as high-tech, modern homes you would see a billionaire living in, but that’s not always true. An extraordinary home can be one that feels comfy or cozy, with some added appeal. Consider your kitchen counter or worktops, window designs, unique aspects like a special room, or even the curb appeal of your home.

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