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Horror Movie Hoaxes

posted by Chris Valentine

The internet has begun to highlight every practical joke ever played. Rarely a week goes by without something hilarious hitting the web and going viral. Shows like You’ve Been Framed have long gone out of fashion in place of YouTube as people no longer have to wait a week to get a laugh at someone else’s expense. While many practical jokes are brought to the TV on shows like Rude Tube, they really only show the things we have already been watching. Now, as people record almost every aspect of their lives, we are bombarded with the funniest pranks that are pulled. This week, here are a few that made headlines;

Horror Movie Hoaxes

With every form of advertising having been done to death, movie makers have been going to extreme lengths in order to promote the latest features. This has had the result of terrifying people as a taste of what is to come in the movie.

Some promoters use the “devil baby’ for stalking their target audience. A doll that is remote controlled jumps up from a pram and scares innocent passersby. A baby with a satanic look lets out blood-curdling and demonic wails when anyone approaches the area. The baby is geared to vomit and made crude gesture with their hands. This was a direct result from the movie Devil’s Due, a horror film that was screened in movie theatres. Many New Yorkers have been terrified with these types of devilish pranks. The results are filmed in a YouTube video and named “Devil Baby Attack.” The video features only screams and no dialogue. The director Eli Roth describes this film as “very scary, fun, creative, inventive and smart”, but the PR stunt may prove to be the scariest part.

This is not the first time this style of promotion has been done. This has been modeled on a similar stunt pulled in Brazil. For the release of the Curse of Chuckey, the latest in the Chuckey franchise, promoters hired a small man to sit inside an advert window at a bus depo. Unaware commuters had the lights flicker and go out on them, before the man broke free form the window dressed as Chuckey, and chased them down the street wielding a knife! Check out the videos! Similar stunts were pulled in Los Angeles and New York.

Positive Pregnancy Tests for Sale

Recently, ebay and other websites have been bombarded with owmen selling positive pregnancy tests. You may be wondering why on earth anyone would desire a used (gross!) pregnancy test with a positive result? Well, apparently they are in high demand for some of the meaner female pranksters out there. These pregnancy tests that show up as positive are sold at £4.99. There is a strict warning however that these prank results should not be used to give people heart attacks!

These types of pregnancy test displaying “baby blue” results are used to play pranks on loved ones and friends. The test manufacturer or the seller make sure they are not responsible for negative results that may arise from sale of these positive pregnancy test results. Of course, for any crazy women wanting to go the extra mile, they can also invest in some false ultrasound scans. Website has now come up with more pranks related with pregnancy. Ultrasounds that are not genuine are sold in 2D and 3D for playing practical jokes on people. If you want to maintain your relationship, I would hold off until April fool’s Day to play such a joke.

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