How to Start Your Essay

posted by Chris Valentine

As a college student, you know that essay writing is the order of the day. Almost every assignment you get involves writing an essay. The funny thing is, no matter how many essays you’ve written, you still get those days when you stare blankly at the laptop with nothing to put down. So how’s the best way to start an essay? Well, as they say, the best way to get something done is to begin.

This means, instead of staring blankly at your screen, write down whatever comes to your mind. When you begin writing, ideas begin to flow, and the longer you stare blankly, the longer it will take you to complete the essay.

You also need to have an outline to work with. Writing from the blues is difficult, and it makes your paper sound vague. Have an outline to ensure your essay has structure.

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Grab the Attention of the Reader

Even though this is an academic paper and your professor has to read it to give you marks, ensure you grab their attention. An essay that gets the attention of the reading audience from the get goo gives you bonus points.

The introduction should grab not only your audience’s attention but also introduce your topic. Use the introduction to let the reader in on what your essay is going to be about. It should be a well put the summary of what you’ll be discussing.

With just the introduction, the readers should already know the context of the entire essay. People use the introduction to determine if an essay is worth their time.

Focus the Essay

Once you grab the attention of the reader and introduce your topic, the next thing is to focus the essay. This means you should not beat around the essay because the audience already knows what you want to talk about.

Bring the central issue to the attention of the reader. Consider posing a question which you’ll then answer using your discussion. The body of the essay should focus entirely on breaking down your central point.

Use an Outline

To achieve a well-structured essay, you have to use an outline. In case the assignment instructions came with the outline you’re to use for the essay, stick to it. Otherwise, come up with an outline that ensures your points are comprehensively elaborated.

Orient the Readers

This means involving your reading audience in the discussion. Ensure that anyone who reads your essay can relate to what you’re talking about. Take an engaging approach because this encourages people to keep reading. Make use of rhetorical questions to help readers think deeply about the points you’re raising.

Stick to the Point

Since your introduction already summarized what you’d be discussing in the essay, everything you talk about in the body of the essay should tie back to your introduction. Don’t surprise your readers with information that is completely unrelated to the topic.


Starting an essay proves challenging for many college students. Even though essay writing is the order of the day, sometimes students take time before they’re able to come up with the first sentence. This guide helps you get started, and it also ensures you stay on track.

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