How to Get Out of Debt When You Are Broke?

posted by Chris Valentine

We all make mistakes in our lives, especially when it comes to finances. Being broke can be very disheartening and depressing. If you have unpaid debt while being broke, it only escalates your financial turmoil to the next level. Many people panic in such situations, which only complicates their position further. The first thing you should do is to brainstorm how to solve your problem.

Make a Budget

One of the most common financial mistakes you can make is underestimating the concept of a budget. Without proper budgeting, you will find yourself in a reckless state of spending money, without any idea where your hard-earned cash goes. Creating a well-structured budget gives you an idea of your spending habits. From there, you can weed out unnecessary expenditures and save some money. By doing so, you can use those savings to pay off your debt.

Stop Using Your Credit Card

Having a credit card may help you in several situations, but it can easily create chaos when you are in debt while being broke. You may get tempted to swipe your card to buy things that you don’t need. It is best to save at this time, or you can divert to your debt repayments. Paying your bills, buying groceries, and similar others are some exceptions here.

Don’t Apply for New Loans

When figuring out how to get out of debt when you are broke, many people commit the blunder of taking more loans to pay off the existing mortgage. This is only a Band-Aid solution. It does not solve the problem. Instead, this is just adding more to an already existing issue. The new loan may cool off the situation temporarily, but, in the long run, you may get into deeper trouble. Moreover, lenders usually charge higher interest rates on new loans to people having unpaid debts.

Take Advice a Financial Planner

When things go south, it is always better to seek out help from the professionals. Financial planners are experts in dealing with your situation. Consulting them can help you by leaps and bounds. They will help you in creating a solid plan, which you can use to figure out how to get out of debt when you are broke. Moreover, this experience will also come in handy for you in the future if you face similar situations.

Request for a Lower Interest Rate

Talk to your banker and explain your circumstances. Apply for a lower interest rate, so that it can ease up your financial state and in turn, make it more probable for you to repay the debt. It all depends on how well you can communicate with the banker and convince them for a deal.


Finally, never lose hope. Push yourself harder and try to get out of this situation. Just try to implement the methods mentioned above and start paying off debt swiftly. As already mentioned above, don’t panic. Make a calculated plan and implement it properly.

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