Excuses New Yorkers Give for Not Getting Therapy, Answered

posted by Chris Valentine

Talk therapy is incredibly beneficial. Studies show that it makes an excellent treatment for all sorts of mental health issues and stresses including anxiety and depression. Talking about your feelings, fears, physical symptoms, relationships, real-life problems, and so much more can make a massive difference in your life. Therapy can get us through difficult times or even make good times better. It can give us strategies for being less anxious, more productive, and kinder to our friends, family members, and lovers.

And it’s a particularly good idea to get therapy if you live or work in New York City, where stress levels are notoriously high. As you boil over in frustration while waiting for the L train or jockey in position in line at the deli, ask yourself why you’re not getting therapy. Then read on and find your excuse on the list below, where we’ll answer it with the truth — you can and should get therapy in New York City as soon as possible!

“I’m too busy!”

Really? You’re too busy for therapy? Sure, it’s easy to feel that way. We New Yorkers work really long hours and are constantly rushing around through crowded streets. But the reality is that failing to make time for your mental health is not going to help you with your busy schedule. Far from it!

Mismanaged stress levels and mental health issues dramatically affect your productivity. Work too hard for too long, and you’ll suffer burnout. Ignore depression and anxiety issues, and you’ll find yourself drained of energy and mental sharpness. The truth is, you don’t have time not to go to therapy. Without strong mental health, you’re going to have a hard time getting to everything that you need to handle in your life!

What you should do is find ways to fit therapy into your schedule. Work in Manhattan? Then consider looking for therapists in Manhattan, so that you can work around your lunch hour or minimize your time away from the office. Have a weird schedule? Look for therapists who can offer flexible appointments or even remote care. You can do this!

“It’s too expensive.”

Is therapy too expensive in New York City? Well, pretty much everything else is. But don’t assume that you can’t make therapy work financially. Call your insurance provider to speak to a representative about mental health coverage. Be sure to have them explain how your out-of-network benefits work for therapy if your policy has that kind of coverage. They aren’t going to volunteer that kind of information so be ready to ask them about it. Ask them what your coverage is like for therapy, and be sure to learn whether or not you’ll need a referral from a primary care provider. Keep mental health in mind during the next health insurance open enrollment period, too. If you’re careful about your health insurance situation, you can make therapy an affordable option in New York City.

And remember, mental health care is essential. This isn’t a frivolous expense! It will improve your quality of life and perhaps even make you a more productive worker and higher earner. Invest in yourself and your mental health.

“I don’t need a therapist — I can talk to my friends.”

You’re not “crazy,” so you don’t need a therapist, right? You have normal, everyday problems, and you can handle them by talking through the issues with your trusted friends, right?

You might want to rethink that. First of all, you don’t need to have serious mental health issues to turn to therapy. Therapy can help just about anyone. It’s great for getting through tough times, but it’s also perfect for dealing with everyday stresses and the sort of “normal” problems that you may think your issues are limited to.

Second of all, your friends are not trained therapists. They’re not there to help you with all of your personal problems. While we should all be lucky enough to have great friendships and share our personal feelings and fears openly, we should be conscious of the fact that doing so puts a certain burden on our friends. If you rely on your friends to be your therapists, then you are asking too much of them — and even if they were totally OK with it, they wouldn’t be able to give you the qualified care that a professional can.

Let a therapist be your therapist, so your friends can be your friends. New York City is full of fun things to do, so don’t just talk about your problems with your pals — go have fun with them, knowing that you’ve got the care you need for your mental health issues.


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