Self-care: 8 Reasons Why We Need to Unwind and De-stress

posted by Chris Valentine

Have you been feeling woeful and blue these past few days? Are there some things that keep on stressing your mental state? Does thinking positively so hard to attain lately? Does it hinder you from doing the things you used to love and enjoy? Well, Dear, you need to give yourself a break from all the madness that keeps on pushing you to the edge.

Why do we need time to unwind? Can it alleviate the suffering that keeps on pulling us down? Is it capable of burning all the worries that occupy our weary mind? Well, these eight reasons will give you ideas about how important “me time” is. This blog is made only for you. Loosen up! Chill out! Relax!

Unwinding Ameliorates Your Health

We submerged ourselves with so much work putting our health at stake. Most of our work requires sitting all day at our workplace while using our minds entirely. Moreover, it depresses us more every time we are pressured not just by our job, but also by our roles in the family. Through unwinding, we give our physical body and mental state the freedom to breathe somehow and enjoy. We halt problems from occurring even just for some time.

Traveling Allows You to Have a Break With Your Mundane Life

Combating with our day-to-day life is sometimes tiring. We often get too anxious over something, making it easy for us to yell on somebody unintentionally. If you are having a breakdown, traveling will allow you to have a break with your mundane life just for a moment. Our life’s ultimate goal is to feel happy; do not immerse yourself in work; balancing your life should be your top priority.

Traveling Makes you Brilliant and Brave

We all know that traveling is enjoyable yet challenging. Stepping on places you are not familiar with is scary; the unfamiliarity gives you fear to travel, but on the other hand, it makes you brilliant and brave. One thing that makes you smart and bold is to prepare your stuff ahead of time to make sure you are not going to leave something valuable that can ruin your trip.

One example that is extremely important when you have a trip is your watch, the best skeleton watch like the Monta Skyquest makes it easier for you to track three time zones. Moreover, it has a case back featuring 304m of water resistance, and an additional strap upon buying it. A well-made watch like this will make your trip less stressful and smooth.

Unwinding Makes You Understand Cultural Relativism

As you travel to different places, we tend to meet various individuals that possess separate stand about life across the globe. It gives you the ability to act more humane and allows you to understand that the world is diverse; people are unique, and their practices differ from one another, yet we can still put them together as one if we start understanding and respecting who they are.

Traveling Allows You to Eat Unfamiliar Food

Aside from visiting tourist spots of the place, you will never forget trying their delicacies. Food is one of the trademarks of a particular destination. Hence, it must be part of your plan. If you love local food, then try eating their best cuisine as well; they have a bunch of food that is not present in your country that they have, and some have the same taste, but different in terms of its name.

You Will Discover More About Yourself

If you think you know yourself well, traveling will give you a version of yourself you never imagined. Grab yourself out of your comfort zone and start discovering yourself as you find out different destinations. Unwinding like going on a hike is enjoyable, but it will surely test your temper. A place we find uncomfortable is scary, but it is worth doing if you learn to face your fears.

You Accumulate a Lifetime Memories

Travel as early as you can, Dear. Spending too much on your work will make you successful in life, but you will no longer turn back the time you have wasted. We are not the one who holds the time; we can’t request the time to go back just because we allow it to slip in our hands. Take time to create memories during your teenage years so that you have some memories to look back on as you grow old.

Nostalgia For Home

Have you ever felt feeling so excited about going back home after a couple of days of traveling to other places? Traveling makes you love other cities, the food, and even the culture of those people, but it teaches us more about loving our own country. Traveling filled the holes in our lives, and after filling those, we are ready to go back from where we came.


As we grow older day by day, we are craving to finish the race immediately and have our successes as early as possible. We often forgot the idea of giving it back to our first investment, which is ourselves. Our body deserves more, not on the latter days when we have all the money to spend on, but too old to do the things we had dreamt when we were still young and capable.

If you are searching for a total package of self-care, then traveling is the best choice for you. Do not deprive yourself of getting better each day. Please don’t feel bad for spending your money on the things that can add up happiness to yourself; after all, it doesn’t matter how much you have spent as long as it is gratifying, and you are satisfied.

Granting yourself the time to unwind and enjoy just for once is a necessity. Many of us are quite stressed because of our job; overloading our body with tons of work makes it harder to attain serene living and perfect tranquility. Free yourselves out from that chain and start lightening your heart by traveling and discovering new places.

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