Top Tips on How to Keep Your Credit Card Safe

posted by Chris Valentine

The credit card is one of those things that we always carry around with us. There are multiple reasons for why we do that. The first one is that it’s very easy, most people just stuffing it into their wallets. The other reason is that we always need it. Our credit card is a direct line to all our money, meaning that it’s then times easier to just keep a credit card on you instead of just carrying a bag full of cash throughout town when you have a lot of stuff to buy or pay off. However, credit cards can be as fragile as they are useful. Many people become victims of thieves and scammers that take advantage of exposed credit cards. Here are some tips on how you can protect yourself and your credit card.

Never flash it

This one is pretty simple but it’s one of the mistakes people make all the time. Never flash your credit card for everyone to see. If people don’t know you’re carrying one for sure, they can’t plan to rob you or scam you. Just keep it concealed in your pocket or wallet and only pull it out when you need to actually make a payment. Even if you pull out your wallet to pay with cash, make sure the credit card is hidden behind a pocket and not in plain sight. The better concealed it is, the better.

Never share it

It’s great to have someone you trust, someone that you can give your credit card to with an easy heart. However, that’s a bad move. There are plenty things in the world you can trust your friends with, but the credit card shouldn’t be one. If you’re too lazy to go down to the store and would rather just give your friend your card to buy you something, just give up the snacks or whatever it is that you want to buy. You will thank yourself later. Even if your friends won’t scam you (which hopefully is never their intention), there is a big psychological factor involved. The more people know the details of your card, the more terrible suspicions you will have if your money goes missing.

Beware card scanners

Newer credit cards come with a magnetic strip that allows the user to simply bring it close to a scanner in order to make a payment. There’s no swiping required. It’s great and convenient but it also opens a window of opportunity to those that would want to see your lose all your money. If someone would actually take a card scanner and keep it close to their person, then subtly approach you in public, the proximity could be enough for the card to actually send information to the scanner. Keep your card safe from such modern scams by using an anti-RFID wallet. You can get wallets that block scan waves from sites like

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