Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software and Why You Need It

posted by Chris Valentine

You’ve probably heard the saying that “the customer is king.” It’s been floating around the business world for years—but it’s more true than ever. In fact, one 2018 study found that 59% of customers had higher expectations about customer service than they had the year before.

You may think you know everything about the importance of building customer relationships. However, if you aren’t using a CRM effectively, you’re missing out on vital business opportunities. Here’s why CRM software can help you enhance every customer relationship.

Consolidate Data in One Location

CRM provides a centralized location for all information about your customers. It ensures that anyone on any team within your company can access everything they need within a single platform. From marketing to sales customer support, the customer stays engaged.

This in turn means nothing slips through the cracks, ensuring inter-departmental cooperation.

This includes the following:

  • Contact information like email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts
  • All interactions any person on your staff has had with your customer via any media from email to customer support tickets
  • Customer history, like what and when they purchase from you, how they found your business, and how long they’ve been your customer

Best of all, this customer data is accessible from anywhere and on any device. As a result, your team will have every crucial detail at their fingertips no matter where they are.

More Effective Marketing and Sales Process

Thanks to the organization above, your team will need to do fewer repetitive data entry tasks. This means they’ll spend less time entering data and more time working with your customers.

According to, CRMs are great for creating step by step workflows. This allows your team to see at a glance the next step for each customer in the marketing or sales funnel. With many CRMs, you can even automate reminders to remove the guesswork.

Easier Data Analysis

Because you’re tracking your customers in one place, it makes it easier to analyze the things you need to know for your big-picture strategies:

  • Why are certain types of deals falling through?
  • What activities add the most revenue?
  • Roughly how many sales and we make from a given number of leaves?

From software providers to retail customer relationship management, this affords you many opportunities to find improvements to your processes.

Seamlessly Personalized Customer Experience

CRM is one of the biggest trends in customer relationship management is that it allows you to surprise and delight your customers. Exceeding expectations is one of the most important ways of building relationships with customers, and a good CRM helps you do that.

Once all of our customers’ information is in one system, a CRM lets your team understand customers’ needs and expectations. This in turn helps them anticipate what a customer will want and need, providing solutions as needed. They might find it easier to pursue opportunities at the right moment and to know when to share certain types of content or seal the deal.

Expert Customer Relationship Management

Ultimately, a CRM software makes it easier to track customers through the sales and marketing funnels. It also helps you create stronger customer relationships, strategize, and earn revenue. Regardless of what products or services you offer, a good CRM is worth trying!

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