Don’t Forget Your Batteries with Your Christmas Shopping

posted by Chris Valentine


It’s that time of year where the organised few will be starting their Christmas shopping, while others probably haven’t even started thinking about it yet! It’s probably the busiest time of year for the retail industry, especially with Black Friday coming up. Christmas will soon be upon us whether we’re ready for it or not!

Whether you’re buying toys to your little ones, essentials for your other half, or little bits and pieces for other family members; there’s probably one thing you’ll forget. How many times have you opened a present, or giving a present, that needs batteries and hasn’t come with any? There’s nothing more disappointing than receiving a gift that you can’t use straight away; with many people having to hold off until Boxing Day or later to get the right batteries for their item.

That’s why you’re better off getting them ahead of time so you’re prepared for those new toys and gifts!

Buying batteries ahead of time

Those organised few who have already completed their Christmas shopping, or have a list at the very least, can do some research and find out what batteries are needed in their gifts. You can then buy the right amount of batteries and the right kind to make sure that everything will work on Christmas Day.

If you aren’t yet sure what batteries you need, you can wait until you do or even just invest in some popular types and store them. We bet that if you don’t use them for Christmas presents, you’ll find another purpose such as the TV remote or clock!

Batteries for presents are probably the items you forget the most easily, especially if you’re rushing around to get your last minute gifts.

Storing batteries safely

If you are buying your batteries ahead of time and need to store them until Christmas, there are a few things to consider! The most important thing to remember when you are storing batteries at home is to keep them out of reach of children. Due to the increased number of children swallowing batteries, this is absolutely crucial. Great Ormond street Hospital have reported a huge increase in this type of injury, treating around 1 child a month who has swallowed a battery.

You should ideally store your batteries in a cool, dry place; putting them in a hot place could result in damage to the batteries including leakage.

When it comes to using your batteries in your new Christmas gifts, ensure that you don’t mix new and old batteries, or even different types or makes. At the end of the day, you want your new toy or other battery-operated gift to work, so look after your batteries!

Buying in time for Christmas

To make sure that you buy the right batteries and have everything sorted nicely in time for Christmas, make sure you use a reputable battery specialist. Check out BuyaBattery today for all your needs.

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