10 Spring Gift Guide Must-Haves

posted by Chris Valentine

This Spring Gift Guide suggests fruit baskets if you are looking to give people awesome stuff this season

Aside having to spring forward and lose that extra hour of sleep, spring is pretty much tops. Between the smell of blooming flowers and the hint of summer just around the corner, it’s a season full of promise. If you’ve got a friend or family member with a birthday this spring, you’re thinking of an Easter or Passover gift, or you want to get your child’s teacher something for all she does, we can help. Give that someone special something that speaks to this season of splendor. Read on for 10 spring gift guide must-haves and avoid the dreaded “Oh, you shouldn’t have” reaction.

1. Warm Fuzzies for Warm Weather

Spring can be a mixed bag when it comes to weather, but even if it’s rainy where you are, a gift that hints of sand and sun can make all the difference. A basket filled with beach items is a super cute idea. Fill it with tabloid mags, a round beach towel, a sun hat, and sunscreen for a fun and frivolous gift.

2. All Hail Healthy Stuff

There’s something about springtime that makes us really focus on healthy living. It’s likely the fact that bathing suit season is looming! Consider getting your friend a meal subscription service, essential oils, or a yoga studio package. With the latter, you can get one for yourself, too, and keep each other accountable!

3. Something Romantic—Ooh, La, La

Springtime is also a time for romance and—ahem—sex, as we are coming out of our winter hibernation fog. Whether you’re young and energetic or looking to spice up a relationship as you both grow older, it’s the perfect time to consider flowers, some lingerie, or a romantic getaway to rekindle the flame.

4. Wine and Dine

Wining and dining someone is perfect at any time of year, but there’s something about spring that makes it extra special—perhaps it’s the fact that fresh produce and ingredients to make that perfect springtime pasta dish are now at your local markets. Sure, a night on the town is great but, if you really want to impress your main squeeze, consider a romantic candle-lit dinner at home. The extra effort on your part will go a long way!

5. Workout Gear

As we mentioned, fitness and healthy living are at the forefront of our minds come springtime, so this is the ideal time of year to get your bestie those yoga pants from Lululemon you saw her eyeing. TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack also have great activewear at (sometimes!) bargain prices.

6. A Fruit Basket

A fruit basket at other times of year might sound decidedly lame but, because spring is such a fantastic season for fruits and veggies, this is the ideal time of year to take advantage. It’s far and away the better choice than a giant cookie—remember what we said about bathing suit season looming! You could go a bit more decadent, however, with chocolate covered fruit from Edible Arrangements.

7. Spring-Cleaning

Laugh if you will but the gift of spring-cleaning could easily make a loved one’s day. Buy a certificate for a local cleaning service for someone who could really use it so she can get out and enjoy the sunshine while someone else cleans out the cobwebs!

8. A Mahhhhvelous Mani-Pedi

Flip-flop season approacheth so those tootsies no longer have somewhere to hide. Buy your gal pal (or dude pal!) a gift card to his or her favorite nail salon to help your friend get ready to hit the sand without a hint of self-consciousness.

9. Flip-Flops FTW

This one goes hand-in-hand with #8, and could possibly do that both literally and figuratively. Everyone loves flip-flops when the weather gets warm, but they wear out easily. Help your friend prep for the season with a cute pair, or add a personal touch by designing your own!

10. Patio Paraphernalia

Spring is the time we decide to do everything al fresco, which makes it a great time to buy your friend something for the outdoors. Whether it’s a new set of stylish plastic glasses for the pool, an outdoor game, or a hurricane candle, your friend will appreciate the timely nature of this gift.

Put these 10 spring gift must-haves on your shopping list and make this season extra special for a loved one in your life.

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