5 Things You Should Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Push Floor Sweeper

posted by Chris Valentine

For both safety and general cleanliness, it’s important that floors in commercial buildings are swept clean of dirt and debris often. With a cleaning regime implemented, there’s no reason why your place of business shouldn’t always be in a state of perpetual tidiness.

Keeping the floors of a commercial property clean is made so much easier with the help of a push floor sweeper. If you’re thinking about buying a sweeper for your commercial property or commercial cleaning company, here are some things you should keep in mind when making that purchase.

#1 – Dust Free Sweeping With Dust Control

The idea behind purchasing a floor sweeper is to clean up the mess, leaving the floors and environment clean and free of debris and dust. Therefore, one of the most important considerations when choosing a push sweeper is how efficiently it picks up dust as it sweeps the floor.

However, this is just half of the equation. Even if the sweeping design and mechanism do efficiently sweep dust and debris from the floors, you’ll also want to select a model that does not then discharge the dust back into the atmosphere in the sweeper’s wake.

When shopping for a quality push floor sweeper, choose one that uses a dust suppression system and ask for a demonstration of the model, if possible.

#2 – Ease Of Use

No matter who you assign the task of sweeping the floors with your brand-new push sweeper, one of the most important attributes to look for is its ease of use. After all, the sweeper should be designed to make the task faster, more efficient, and easier. In fact, a good sweeper will be 10 times quicker than using a broom and way more efficient at the process.

A quality sweeper will be designed with the operator in mind. It should not be cumbersome and should be easy to maneuver for anyone who happens to use it for floor cleaning. The sweeper should be ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue for the operator.

#3 – What Surfaces Can the Sweeper Be Used On?

You also need to take into consideration the types of surfaces in your work environment. Does the sweeper need to be designed for concrete floors only, or will you be using the sweeper on a variety of different surfaces?

For example, perhaps you want to use your push sweeper both indoors and outdoors, on both smooth concrete and bitumen, or maybe even artificial grass surfaces.

If you require a sweeper with versatility, be sure to discuss the sweeper’s capabilities with your supplier regarding the various surfaces it can be used on efficiently. Also, ensure the sweeper is robust and built to last, no matter what the surface.

#4 – What Type Of Debris Can the Sweeper Handle?

Not all push sweepers are going to be the same quality, and not all sweepers can efficiently remove all different types of debris from a floor or exterior surface. First, consider the type of debris your sweeper needs to be able to eliminate, and then look for a sweeper that is capable of doing the job.

For example, does the work environment contain a mixture of dust, paper, metal, leaves, glass, and so on? If so, choose a sweeper that has been designed to effectively sweep up the debris of this kind.

#5 – Consider Choosing a Sweeper With a Vacuum

Most push sweepers are just sweepers, and one of the biggest advantages of this kind of model is they are quiet to operate. While push sweepers without a vacuum certainly leave the floors and other surfaces debris-free, the task is made even faster and more efficient if you choose a push sweeper that also has a vacuum.

This model of sweeper uses a dual process of sweeping up the debris, accompanied by the added suction power of the vacuum to guarantee a very clean surface after use.

 The Takeaway

If you plan to invest in a quality floor sweeper for your commercial enterprise, first take the time to consider what features you require in a sweeper. Once you have a fair idea, discuss your options with your supplier before making a final decision.

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