Choosing The Best Firearm For Home Defense

posted by Chris Valentine

Those who do not have a lot of experience with firearms may find themselves overwhelmed when they’re picking one for their own safety. Unlike guns used for hunting, the purpose of a home defense firearm is to keep you safe. Firearms are very dangerous and they shouldn’t be obtained by anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. It will take a bit of time if you’re a complete beginner to start familiarizing yourself with the mechanics of firearms and their safety. A gun has the ability to save you, as well as your family’s life in emergencies, making it an essential tool at your disposal. There is no such thing as the perfect gun that is a one-size-fits-all. Your needs, requirements, and abilities are going to dictate the direction you take when you’re getting a firearm.

If you have experience with pistols and you practice it, the most natural decision would be obtaining a home defense pistol instead of a rifle. Knowing how to shoot a specific firearm doesn’t translate into knowing how to shoot every firearm in general. Since you’ll be using the firearm in highly stressful situations such as home invasions or breaking and entering, you’ll want to reduce your reaction time and act fast.

Here are some tips that should guide you to pick the most suitable firearm for your home defense.


This is one of the best options for home defense as the single sound of chambering a round is scary enough to deter anyone. The mechanics behind a pump-action or tactical shotgun are easy to understand; the gun is very durable and can withstand a lot of punishment. Once you load a few shells into the chamber, the pump-action takes care of the rest. Once you pull the trigger, rounds are fired but the shells stay in the gun until you pump it again. The tactical shotgun may be better in this regard as you won’t need to reload often if you are in a heavy scenario. According to the expert tactical shotgun guide at, nothing beats a shotgun when it comes to providing safety and swift security. It’s a lot more reliable than many modern guns, as it almost never fails to deliver. While shotguns are typically heavy, it’s pretty hard to miss a target when you have hundreds of pellets flying towards it. Their range is more than enough to defend you in most attacks. Since it’s basically a household defense item at this point, its price is quite cheap.


There is a good reason that made the revolver survive all this time: its reliability. Guns jam all the time, but revolvers seldom do since they use simple yet effective chamber mechanics. It’s very small and can be concealed almost anywhere. The added bonus is that it can also act as a concealed-carry firearm if you’re in a state that allows it. Revolvers are split into two types, single-action and double-action. Single-action means manually pulling the hammer backwards to be able to fire the round. Double-action simplifies matters even more as it automatically pulls the hammers before the shot is fired. The popular choice for homeowners is the double-action revolver as it’s easier and faster to use. Revolvers are easier to practice compared to semi-automatic handguns and you’ll find that they are great defense companions.

Handguns are manufactured in different capacities for bullets and stopping power. Most popular choices include .38 Special, .357 Magnum, and .44 Magnum. The .357 is usually the most versatile of them all as it can handle many different types of bullets. But it’s important to understand that the stronger a bullet is, the harder it will be to fire the gun accurately due to recoil.


A rifle is considered overkill when it comes to home defense as it has a very high destructive power. It requires a lot more training than handguns and shotguns as they are heavy and hard to maneuver. A full-size rifle can be unsuitable for a home environment because a house lacks the space needed for quick maneuverability. You need to be aware of the bullets you use since some cartridges, as the .223 and 5.6mm calibers, can easily penetrate everything in its path with great destructive power, including walls and buildings behind the attacker. A pistol-caliber carbine is recommended for home defense as it is smaller and lighter. Rifles are great firearms that are highly accurate and have modification capabilities, making them perfect for scenarios where you need to outgun your intruders with proper firepower. Rifles are expensive but they are great tools in the hands of those who know exactly what they’re doing.

Semi-Automatic Pistols

Everyone is familiar with semi-automatic guns as they are carried by the police and can be seen in most movies. While it may be a great weapon in the hands of experts like the FBI and special forces, they are not user-friendly enough for those who are buying their first firearm. The complexities associated with chambering, safety, loading magazines, and clearing jams make it a firearm with a long learning curve that would take more time than common choices like revolvers and shotguns. Semi-automatic guns are very easy to jam and if you can’t handle jams quickly, you may end up in a sticky situation. The caliber of bullets used is quite wide, from the popular 9mm to .40 S&W bullets. If you’re familiar with semi-automatic pistols, it should be alright to use one for home defense. However, if it’s your first gun, steer away from semi-automatic pistols and opt for more user-friendly firearms.


Whether you pick an RPG or a small revolver for your home defense, there is no way that you skip practice. You have to be an expert on gun usage and safety protocols if you want the firearm to be your ally. The shop where you buy it from can easily recommend gun safety courses to get you started without delay.

Whatever firearm you choose, you’ll need to respect it and understand how it works in detail. The security of your home and loved ones should be taken seriously. The more you practice your chosen firearm, the more it will grow on you as you become skilled in using it.

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