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Safety Tips for Responsible Gun Ownership

posted by Chris Valentine

Congratulations on your owning and purchasing a firearm. Regardless of if you bought the firearm for collection, for hunting, for defense, or just for hobby shooting, it is important that you recognize and aware the dangers a firearm brings. A firearm in the right hands can be a very versatile tool, however, can be extremely lethal in the wrong hands or the hands of an inexperienced gun owner.

If you have a family living in your house, the last thing you would want to happen is to find out that someone in your home got injured because of a lack of safety regarding the firearm. Don’t put yourself in a position where the firearm you purchase is causing more harm to those around you than protecting them. There are several measures that you can take to ensure that your gun is stored safely and cannot be used by anyone other than yourself. This is one time where you do not want to take a chance, as the lives of you and your family are at risk if you do not practice proper gun safety.

Here are some safety tips to ensure that you are a responsible gun owner:

 Lock Your Guns in A Safe

One of the most important steps towards safe and responsible gun ownership is ensuring that you are the only one who can access your weapons. The best way to ensure this is to get yourself a high-quality gun safe that only you and those you trust with the code have access to. It is essential to lock up your firearms for the safety of both you and your family. A gun safe can make the difference between having a safe firearm within your house and a deadly accident.

Are all safes created equal you might ask? It can vary in design and features so take a look at what you need for the safe storage of your weapons. Make sure you get a gun safe that can withstand heat and cannot be broken open because if someone breaks into your home and is able to access your safe, they now have access to your firearms as well. A safe is especially important if you have children in the family as they can look at a gun and see it as a toy to play with. Don’t leave your guns laying around, lock them up and keep them safe.

Do Not Leave Your Guns Loaded

Even if you are storing your guns, never leave a magazine or clip inside of your firearm. Along with this, ensure that the chamber of the gun is clear from a loaded bullet. Many gun-related accidents occur because people did not realize the firearm, they had in their hands was loaded.

Keeping the ammunition away from the gun helps as well because that way, even if someone finds your gun to use or play with, they do not have access to the ammunition. A loaded firearm is an unnecessary hazard in your house even if locked up. Take the magazine out and clear a lot of worries from your mind.

Always Keep the Safety On

These two tips are ones that people often struggle with. Unless you have a reason to shoot your firearm, it should always have the safety turned on. What this means is that the gun will not fire no matter how hard the trigger is pulled. The safety switch is normally located on the side of your firearm. Take a look and ensure that the safety is always on and never store your firearm with the safety turned off.

Practice Trigger and Gun Discipline

When holding a gun, there are two very important rules that every responsible gun owner follows.

1)  Never leave your finger on the trigger unless you are about to fire

2)  Never point your firearm at anyone even if it is loaded

Even if your gun is unloaded, never put your finger on the trigger. It is the sign of an inexperienced gun owner and can lead to many accidents. Following up on that, a gun should never be pointed at anyone, unless you are to be shooting them for self-defense. Whenever you carry a gun, you need to realize the amount of danger and lethality it brings. Don’t end up making a mistake that can never be reversed. Be responsible for your firearms.

Guns can be a great tool to own if the proper safety procedures are taken. Guns should never be left lying around the house and should never be left loaded either. Safes are the best way to ensure your guns are never used by anyone but yourself. Keeping the safety on and practicing proper trigger discipline as well will greatly minimize the chances of an accident happening. The importance of gun safety can never be stressed enough and to neglect gun safety would be to potentially endanger lives. Keep your guns and your family safe.

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