How Employers Are Benefitting From Smart Time Clocking Software

posted by Chris Valentine

Does your company still use out-dated clocking software? Here is why it may be time to change your thinking.

The days of punching a piece of card to clock in and out of work are numbered as this vital daily task launches itself into the modern, tech-savvy world. We have already seen many tech-based solutions for employee management and efficient time clocking software is just the latest development which offers an effective fix for employers and employees alike. 

old school clock-in

The issues which the traditional clocking in systems comes down to their limitations, not to mention the clunky physical nature of having to clock in and out each day. Not only does time clocking software remove these issues, it comes with a number of additional features which business can use to increase efficiency and security of their staff. Let’s take a deeper look into what this software is all about, and how so many businesses are reaping great benefits from its implementation. 

What is Time Clocking Software?

This software is an incredibly simple solution which uses cloud based technology to allow employees to clock in digitally. Thanks to the smart software employees are able to clock in from any computer, smartphone or tablet from inside the business. Many software providers also utilize facial recognition technology which gives the option for employees to clock in and out by doing nothing more than looking into a camera upon their arrival.

 Now that we have seen what this technology is all about, let’s take a look at some additional features and benefits which employers and employees can enjoy. 


GPS Functionality 

As the world spins into a new, tech-heavy future, more and more businesses are unlocking the potential of web integration and using it to allow its staff to work from home, or from a co-working space. This not only increases the flexibility of the member of staff but it can also help businesses to reduce in-house costs. The risk with people working away from the office however is that they don’t necessarily put their time to good use, or indeed that they are not using that time to work. time clocking software features a GPS function which enables the employer to know exactly where their employees are at all times. This function can help both productivity management and increase staff security. 

Many great pieces of software also allow clocking in and out from multiple locations, so that staff will be able to show that they are on the job regardless of where they happen to be. 

Facial recognition software

Accurate Reporting 

One of the most positive features about time clocking software is that it ensures accuracy when it comes to working hours, which in turn makes sure that there is a great reduction in issues around payroll. All of this data will be managed by the software and collected into highly detailed reports which makes the lives of the HR team significantly easier. Using these reports it is very simple to gather information about a particular employee’s working hours, punctuality, break times and time spent out of office. Having such detailed metrics at a glance ensures accurate salaries and gives management an insight into staff behavior. 

Project Management 

To further bolster their software suites many providers of time clocking software offer scheduling or project management as a feature, an additional means by which businesses can streamline their business and staff management. In a single portal staff will be able to clock in and out of the business, and stay on top of their daily tasks and schedules. As mentioned earlier, workplaces have become a lot more fluid in recent years in terms of staff being in different locations, which is why having project management software ensures that nobody misses out on vital information or fails to live up to their responsibilities. 

Increased productivity

Increased Productivity 

Those who have implemented time clocking software in their business have noted the increase in productivity from their staff as a result. Not only does this increase productivity amongst the staff as a result of faster and more flexible clocking, it is also going to drastically decrease the workload of collecting time cards and manually entering information into the system. Higher productivity equals better standards and a more streamlined business which also saves money, and it is something that businesses spend a great deal of time and effort trying to achieve. 

Happier Employees

It is not just the employer who will find this software solution to be helpful, but also the staff. We have already mentioned about the increased accuracy which time clocking software can bring, and this is something which will of course ensure puts a smile on the staff’s faces. There are few things more frustrating for a member of staff than to not be paid what they have earned, and this software will make sure that they are never disappointed.

Simple Integration 

Some employers will comment on cost or the difficulty of changing from the traditional card-punching r scanning system to this new approach, but the reality is that the integration of the software is incredibly simple. In terms of the cost that is attached with such software, it is important to remember that many businesses are already shelling out on software tools for the likes of payroll pr project management, which won’t be required once the time clocking software is installed. Furthermore, the money saved in the increased efficiency and productivity as a result of the software will all but offset the outlay which businesses have to make. 

There is a wealth of technology options out there for businesses and making the decision as to which to invest in is never easy. There are however some software suites which offer effective solutions to existing problems and in the case of time clocking software it has a track record of delivering for businesses large and small. There are a number of companies who have designed products like this, and business owners who do wish to invest in such software should ensure that they spend the time on researching the feedback of each option. Regardless of which choice is made, it is crystal clear that this is the future of time management, and that clocking cards will soon be a thing of the distant past. 

Would you be happy to have this software in use for your business? What benefits would you most be looking forward to? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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